It Is Written In The Stars

Posted by Neville on May 5, 2012 under List, Reviews | 3 Comments to Read

Time for action!

Normally I do not pay any attention to horoscopes that are published in the daily papers or magazines but today the reading for Pisces just seemed to fit.

The Pisces Horoscope May 5th 2012

Few things distress a Piscean more than an unhappy ending to a once promising tale. But you may have to acknowledge that one particular plan or project that seemed so worthwhile won’t work. The most difficult thing is to truly let it go. Not until you can you focus on other, as worthwhile, pursuits.

My posts here have been missing for a few days a I undertook some of the coaching in the dotcomsecretsX program. Whilst having some success at building a list, there are a few things about the course that are starting to cause me to question if I will continue.

UnsubscribeThese include the deceptive introduction that says you can do the coaching course for 30 days for $1. Yes, the course cost for 30 days is $1, but there are several things that you will be asked to do in that 30 days that will mean that you have to spend considerably than that. For example by day 3 you will be encouraged to pay for some solo ads to be sent out to attract people to your list.

You will also be encouraged to subscribe to a tracking service to monitor your activities, to outsource some link building (which with the latest Google Penguin update might be a waste of effort) and several other activities like web hosting and domain name purchases.

I also discovered that there appears to be no easy way to cancel ongoing payments as that initial $1 payment to Clickbank using PayPal does not appear to have begun a subscription that can be cancelled. It appears in PayPal as a one off payment, and Clickbank tells me that my next payment will be $100+. Hopefully I can then unsubscribe, and using the ClickBank 60 day guarantee, get my money back.

I seem to recollect that when I was listening to some podcasts by the fast-talking Russell Brunson several years ago, I was not impressed that he seemed to delight in get people to sign up for his sites and make it hard for them to unsubscribe or easy for them to forget they had done so, and encouraged potential students to do the same.

List-building will be an activity that I continue to work on, but not in the way that the 30 Day Challenge approaches it.

Oh well, I guess it’s time to move on. Lesson learned, I hope!

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  • Isloooboy said,

    I was waiting for this review since you join this course although I was also excited to join it but due to non availability of Paypal in my country and also I do not have any Credit card, I thought I left behind. So I start following your progress on DCSX 30 day challenge to understand what I am missing not being a student.
    Well, as per your experience which you shared above with us it seems to me that, “Its another NET where little fishes are getting HOOKED”. From the day I was thinking, “How it would be possible to learn a lot in just one single dollar?” there must something hidden in the river which will show up in 2nd week and than the real story will unfold. Well, still you have hold your real feelings about this lesson learning process which I wish you will bring in front of us very soon.
    Till than take care and wish you good luck for your list building project, I know you have the capability to turn the game so this will be a coming success for you, so keep this good work continue.

  • Neville said,

    Once again, thanks Isloooboy for adding a comment. I started the 30 Day Challenge at dotcomsecretsX with the hope that this would give me a much better understanding of the process of list-building. Sadly there is not much new that I have found, and the tactics for building a list are perhaps leaning towards things that I would prefer not to do.

    As an example, very early on in the coaching, members are encouraged to create a list, but uncheck the double opt-in confirmation. I chose to keep the double opt-in. If I had followed the advice my list might have been bigger, but so would the unsubscribe count have gone up, with the potential for my list to be identified as a spam list.

    I am looking forward to the launch of your new niche site.

  • Isloooboy said,

    What I have read regarding list building is, “Only look for those people who are interested in the subject which you are promoting” otherwise your list will be an extra burden because of there non responsive behavior.

    Well, I am working on a direct product selling theme by testing some MRR products on it for a few days. If I got good response than it will be a real change in the strategy. But I have to make sure it first by testing for a while and after that I will decide with your help and guidance whether to continue or not. I hope you will help me in this regard.