Forget The Tricks

Posted by Neville on April 2, 2012 under Niche | Comments are off for this article

Cut Through The Hype

There are no “secrets”. The concept and process Niche Marketing is really quite simple.

Niche SupportIn an earlier post the 3 Pillars for successful marketing in a niche were explained. Those 3 Pillars are still the same. But this time I want to suggest that the 3 key factors are actually the sides of a triangle.

We all know that the triangle is a very strong shape that features in many structures, where maximum strength but minimum weight is needed. Just think of bridges and towers. There are strong triangles everywhere.

So now the 3 Pillars become the sides of the Niche Marketing Triangle.

Once again, they are

Market Demand: Do people want what I am offering?

Competition: Is it too hard to compete, or do I have a new angle?

Buyer Propensity: Do people buy in the niche?

Make sure that each side of the triangle you build is strong. Do the research. Test the market. But remember there are 3 sides to consider. Do not neglect one or the triangle you are building to support your niche will not be strong, and likely to collapse.

The concept and process are quite simple. The application and development are however going to be challenging.

Are you ready for the ride?


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