Email Marketing And Niche Sites

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Do I Need A List?

Building a Niche ListSuccessful marketing in a niche involves many different aspects including product selection or building, content creation, traffic management and list building for email marketing.

Each of those requires a comprehensive understanding of how they can be best achieved, and some earlier posts have been focussed on a few of these activities. In this post we will scratch the surface with email marketing.

Rather than start from the beginning and re-invent the wheel, the post will feature a pre-existing program that has a strong record in coaching successful email marketers.

Building A List

The first step to email marketing is gathering a groups of leads, or potential customers for the products or services that are to be sold to these customers. No list:- No customers or client base.

There are hundreds of ‘experts’ who will tell you how to build a list and how to use that list for producing sales. The difficulty is choosing which one to use to coach you in the process and provide you with the skills and information that you need.

I am recommending that you take advantage of the coaching that is available from the same one that I have chosen to give a trial period. In that coaching program that will cost you $1, and there are 30 days to give it a go. By successfully working for those 30 days  you will set up email marketing so that the extended training, which will cost an extra $97 per month, can be paid for from your efforts. Of course, there are no guarantees that you will cover that cost completely, but many of the people completing the 30 days find that they earn more than enough to cover the next payment.

To introduce you to that coaching program I ask you to complete the Sign Up form on the following link.

30 Days to Successful List Building.

A Sneak Peak.

When you decide to take the 30 Day Challenge to Building a List there are several steps that will be suggested for you to follow. I believe that if you slavishly follow all of them there is a possibility that since lots of others will be doing the same thing, or worse still they will have beaten you off the mark, your efforts might be lost in the crowd.

For that reason I have chosen to take a different path on some of the suggestions in the coaching.

Squeeze Page:

Very early on you will be given instruction on how to set up a Squeeze page to use for advertising and getting traffic to your list sign up form. The coaching gives you a tool to do that, but that page will look almost identical to everyone else doing the training. The Squeeze page above is the one that I generated.

I also have another, self made Squeeze Page, and you may prefer to check out the coaching from that page. It’s not perfect, and will be edited later. But it is unique. The link below will take you to that Squeeze Page.

Build Your Email List From The Ground Up

Building Traffic:

If no one visits the squeeze page that that you produce, there will be no one to sign up to the list.

The coaching recommends using Solo Ads, either in SafeLists or as Paid Solo Ads. The training will go into much more detail about these and where to find places to send you ads to. I chose not to use these sources of traffic, but to use similar services at APSense, the Business Social Network.

Specifically I chose to promote my Squeeze page in a TeamPromote campaign. the results I achieved matched the examples given in the coaching sessions. In just 5 days I gathered more than 300 clicks from more than 3500 visits to the page. From that approximately 40 people added themselves to the list and 1 sale was recorded.

Other options that have yet to be explored at APSense include

  • Campaigns: Use the Squeeze page as the landing page in a Credits Campaign.
  • Solo Ads: Fund a Solo Ad that goes to all of the membership that has agreed to receive them.
  • Talents: Select a talent provider who can send a Solo Ad to their subscribers, eZine etc.
  • Advertising:
    • Sponsored ads appear on the site.
    • Member Ads (Free) show on articles, Revpages etc submitted by the member.

At the time of writing this post I have progressed though less than half of the coaching for the first 30 days,and the results certainly look encouraging.

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  • Isloooboy said,

    First of all let me say it, “Very nice and informative Post”. I have one suggestion maybe you consider it. Now a Days I have witnessed that, “Those Squeeze pages get maximum signups which have an Video Intro on them in which Author or owner share his thoughts about the offer which he is offering to the interested people.
    TIP: Video can be choose from Youtube (Free Source) which match with your criteria to launch successful campaign. I am also searching for a best squeeze page option and will share if I found one of the my choice. I am interested to know about Traffic Management if you can share your experience than it will be a great learning for me and your followers.
    Take care

  • Neville said,

    Thanks for the suggestion Isloooboy. I have been a little hesitant to add video to a squeeze page because when I used to spend time surfing the Traffic Exchanges I turned off the sound because of the annoying autostart videos that people put on their squeeze pages. Perhaps I need to rethink that, and your suggestion of sourcing video from places like YouTube might be something to follow up.