Re-Defining A Niche

Posted by Neville on March 27, 2012 under Niche | Comments are off for this article

So What Is A Niche?

This has been defined before on this site, but here’s another attempt at answering that question.

barbie DollWhen thinking about websites and using them as a marketing tool, a niche is kind of like the smallest section  in a department store. It could be the Barbie Doll stand in the Toy section of the store. Not everyone entering the store is going to be looking for items in that section. The handyman wanting the latest power tool for building his barbecueshed storage will probably not wander through the Barbie section. Unless of course he is confused into thinking that the barbecue he wants to store in the shed will be found in the Barbie department.

So a niche is small segment of a much larger market. It will attract buyers who are looking for specific items that might be found in the niche.

The real beauty of marketing in a niche is that the people who visit are more likely to become customers or clients, as they have already taken the time to find what the site is offering, perhaps with the intention of buying. Even if they do not buy,  you can provide them with useful information or make it an interesting site worth revisiting. That way, in the future, they may become customers or help you by telling others.

In For the Long Haul

Let’s get something clear, right from the beginning. Unless you are very lucky with a highly sought after product, your niche marketing efforts will take some time to develop. You will have to establish credibility as someone who knows what they are talking about, is responsive to requests for more information and is going to be around for some time.

Niche marketing is not Hit and Run marketing  where you jump from one niche to another, and hope that everything is going to work on auto-pilot. It will take time, and will grow slowly. Promises of instant riches are most likely going to grossly overstated and unachievable.

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