Niche Marketing Posts To Resume

Posted by Neville on March 26, 2012 under Niche | Comments are off for this article

Back To The Real Stuff

If you are like me you might find that many experts will sell you a formula for building a website, and many of them will promise quick results from using that formula. In this post I want to suggest that  there may be an alternative.

Niche WebsiteThe experts tell you to do some heavy research based on keywords. They will even have tools for you to use to discover what is a current hot niche. The difficulty comes when you find that all of the hot niches do not really fit with your interests, knowledge and skills.

That’s when they will tell you to fake it. Hire somebody to write the content or track down some PLR articles and adapt them. Soo you appear like an expert in that niche, maybe!

Follow Your Interests:

I am going to suggest that for your first niche (or maybe your next one) that you choose to write about a topic dear to your heart and interests. You will be able to express yourself, share your knowledge and really be the expert.

Sure, there may not be a whole lot of people interested, but if you can engage just a small number, and you can produce content and a products that they will buy, you have a Niche Market!

It’s not the way the experts will tell it is done, but go on! Have a go. You could surprise yourself and build up a keen following for your work.

Be prepared:

It may be slow going and hard work but in the end you will have a site to be proud of, and whole lot of new skills to use and adapt what the experts tell you.

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