Is Blogging Dead?

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Blogging Is Dead, Or Is It?

Well, I hope that the blogs that I saw recently will have a very short life, and the misguided people who have spent energy and time Blogging Is Deadsetting them up will find more productive ways to use their skills. They certainly have not spent any money on these “blogs” as they were all on the free blog services, Blogger and Word Press.

Exploring Other Blogs

I have developed an opinion that many of these Free Blogs are basically worthless, and even though little effort is needed to get them started, that energy and time could be spent on more profitable things. That opinion was reached after spending some time managing a campaign at TeamPromote, where people were invited to post a short snippet of code on their site to provide a link to the site being promoted in the campaign.

When checking the backlinks set up by Promoters I noticed a disturbing trend. The vast majority of blogs were hosted at Blogger or Blogspot, the free Google blog platform. Many of the blogs just consisted of a page full of links, probably set up to take advantage of the rewards offered in TeamPromote. If the people taking the time to paste that snippet of code were aware that the reward for that was in the order of $0.01 to $0.05, I wonder if they would consider it as time well spent.

Even more concerning is that these links are basically worthless for the site being promoted, and may even have a negative impact on the SEO efforts. Every site that had the links from the free blog providers had a page rank of 0. There is, I believe, no benefit in a site of page rank 2 or 3 having lots of links from pages with a 0 rank. A sudden burst of links to a site can also be penalized by search engines as an indication of falsely trying to give the site an impression of higher status.

Putting Life Into Blogging

Unfortunately when many of us think of blogs and blogging these “Spam Blogs” are what we are confronted with.

There isĀ  a whole lot more to blogging than the link spam and banner ads that so many seem to think is the way to go. Medium and small business operators have discovered blogging and the social media, if used effectively, can boost their business profile and bring more customer contact, clients and sales.

Blogging can be a whole lot more than a blatant attempt to sell, or to market a product. There are lots of examples of blogs that have a purpose other than trying to sell.

Just a couple of examples. Otherwise this would start to look like one of those dreadful spam blogs.

Creative blogs: Someplace Else by Michael Landau.

Journal blogs: Grey Nomad Times (yes another of my blogs!)

Informative blogs: Going Gluten Free (Guess what? Another shameless self promotion).




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