Building A Niche From The Ground Up

Posted by Neville on March 28, 2012 under Niche | Comments are off for this article

Grab your tools

The following series of posts outline an approach to Niche marketing will rely on personal experience, and build on those experiences. They will not be following any particular formula for making websites to market in a niche.

Building a NicheThe approach will be to set the groundwork, start with a firm foundation and add components until the structure is complete. Sounds a bit like building a house.

You don’t move into a house until it has been completed, so in this series of posts, we will not introduce the marketing aspects of the niche until the site is ready.

Quick Start Resources

If you are really keen to live in your house, you could refer to one of the Niche Marketing resources advertised on this site.

For a quick introduction, take a look at Niche Website Success. That’s a bit like buying a small house nearby while you build your own.

For a more in-depth, check out Niche Profit Classroom. This is for those who want to rent a Penthouse apartment. It has all of the bells and whistles with a short trial period and monthly payments.

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