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Posted by Neville on March 14, 2012 under Blogging | Comments are off for this article

Getting Sidetracked

The past few weeks have been quite an intense time with lots of things happening to prevent me from updating here at this blog.

Well that’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it.

Change of Lifestyle

Grey NomadRecently I have taken the plunge and begun what I am calling my Grey Nomad Adventure. I have sold my house in the country and bought a caravan which will be my home on wheels for some time. Juts how long depends on many factors such as health, mobility and finances.

You can follow that adventure at Grey Nomad Times.


I have been enjoying the privilege of consulting with the founder of APSense and a small team of others to help with a huge upgrade to that site.

Several new features have been added, and it was great to provide feedback after testing the prototypes, and then watching as they were introduced to the members. That has been a great experience, that has proved to be very useful in understanding the back office of a network with thousands of members.


For some time I have been involved with the beginnings of this APSense Add-On, and then with shared management. Again the experience has provided me with many new insights, and experiences in promoting and managing a system.

I am hoping that that I will find some more time to add post to this blog, and if hoping is not enough to achieve that, I will have to MAKE time for it.

Hope to keep up, and if I don’t please remind me!



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