Zurker and Zurks

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Introducing Zurk

What do you do when you want to share something that someone has posted on a network but “like” is not the best word to use for it?

Zurker and ZurkImagine how inappropriate to respond with a “like” when your friend has just posted to their wall, their status or their news feed that their Grandmother has just died. Wouldn’t it be a little insensitive to say that you “like” that bit of news, especially if that grandmother was a delightful lady who was greatly loved by the person posting the update.

Is is a good response to say that you “like” it when somebody is having a bad day, they are snowed in and the heating system is on the blink? I don’t think so. Unless you are really insensitive to the needs of the person posting and just wanting to get yourself noticed by “liking” it. That seems a little heartless. Announcing to the world that you “like” the predicament the person is in.

No doubt you can think of many different situations like that where “like” is really not the best word to use. Maybe the word “share” is also problematic. But the Social Network you are using is probably not going to give you a list of alternatives to use. That list could be quite long.

One solution: Make up a word that could be used universally for any situation. It can be used to say you like something, or that you found it interesting, unusual, challenging, worrying, uplifting… the list goes on.

Basically it’s a word that says you acknowledge the other person’s words or actions.

There is one work that can do that. It’s just a matter of time before it reaches saturation point and starts to hit the vocabulary of everyday users. Remember that not long ago Google was a word that did not exist. And who would have thought that putting face and book together would add another word to our vocabulary?

That word: Zurk.

It is a word that comes from a new and growing Social Network that is in its early days. Zurker. A Social Network owned by its members, not some faceless entrepreneur who stands to make a fortune, along with a select few Venture Capitalists who were in at the start. This is a Social Network that works on democratic principles, where the members determine the direction and share the benefits.

Are you ready to give out and receive a few Zurks? Join Zurker Now.

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