Due Diligence: It Continues

Posted by Neville on January 27, 2012 under Reviews | Comments are off for this article

One last post on my review of the “opportunity” that I have been investigating, before resuming articles on niche marketing.

Into The Fray

Due Diligence One of the criticisms made of people who try to warn others of possible scams to steer clear of, is that their reviews are based on guesswork because they have not joined and are not receiving the benefits. It is not necessary to have to join, because many due diligence tasks can be done from a distance. I believe that after completing Due Diligence on several “opportunities” is possible to develop a “nose” that can sniff out the scams, so that less valuable time is wasted investigating dead ends.

To counter any criticism that I do not know what I am talking about in this and the previous three review posts, I actually joined the Just Been Paid (JSS Tripler) program. (There: I have now named the program!). That has given me more access to the materials that are produced and sent to members, and allowed me to continue what I have called my “Due Diligence” on this heavily promoted “opportunity”.

Of course, I realize that by doing that I have not complied with the Terms and Conditions, as stated in this quote:

8. I affirm that all the information about or related to JBP (other than that on the pages available to non-members and the marketing materials authorized for public use) is proprietary and confidential and I will not reveal said information to anyone else.

Of course, JBP would not want us to see information, other than that provided by them, because perhaps then many people would be able to see through them, and decide that the offerings are not viable.

Check the Promotional Materials

Another (dubious?) benefit of joining is that you receive email messages aimed at stirring the membership into action and supplying them with more information. Company information, with the “go forth and multiply” type messages.

Occasionally there will be a hint of what to do when you meet people who ask questions. Like the BIG question, Is JBP (or JSS Tripler) legal?

A recent email attempted to set the minds of members at rest by stating that JBP is licensed under a US Patent. Anyone doing Due Diligence, after joining and continuing to question all aspects of what they have joined will ask, “What does that mean?”

The email message from the leadership of the program baldly states that it is legal because of that patent. There is no mention of how that makes JBP legal. Further research into the actual patent makes no mention of JBP, and reading the patent background material is a difficult task, make it hard to decide if being licensed to use the patent actually has any legal standing.

The message here is, don’t just take the word of the promoter of the program. Check it out yourself.

If it still looks OK, stick with it. If you can’t be sure, it might be time to back out, before any legal consequences come your way. Remember that the Terms and Conditions leave it up to you decide, based on local laws.

All readers of these pages are emphatically advised to obey all laws to the letter. ANY SUGGESTIONS FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE VARIOUS ACTIVITIES FEATURED HERE ARE VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LOCAL LAWS. Participants in any activity related to JustBeenPaid!, participate at their own risk. Participants agree to hold the JustBeenPaid! owners, managers, and operators harmless in respect of any losses incurred as a result of participation in any activity related to JustBeenPaid!

Unless other pressing issues arise this will be the last post on doing Due Diligence on the Just Been Paid! stable of “opportunities”.

The next step is to cancel my membership, get back my life and move on!


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