One Niche Product Site Built

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One Niche Site Established

If you have been following the most recent posts here at dotrim, and been acting on them you will have

  • Researched and found a niche market.
  • Selected effective keywords to focus on.
  • Build a site around those keywords.
  • Displayed advertising relevant to the keywords on the site.
  • Promoted the niche site with articles to provide links back to your site.

All of these activities are to help your site rise to the top of search engine results. The aim has been to reach the people who are ready to buy the items that are shown in the ads on your site, and in this way add funds to your account as a publisher.

Niche Site ContentThis is just one method for Niche Marketing, and is often the starting point. However, it is most unlikely that just one niche site will bring in the level of income that you are looking for.

More To Build

The real value comes from building many of these niche sites, and combining the small amounts from each one to build a more substantial income. This process then needs to be repeated fr each niche site that is built and populated with the advertising that generates the income.

By careful selection of hosting service (ie a host that allows multiple domains to be hosted on the one account) some of the initial startup expenses can be kept as low as possible. If you can achieve that then the only initial expense will be the cost of registering a domain name. With a niche site that is well chosen the costs of the site should be easily recovered, and  the returns will contribute to your online income.

There are however, no guarantees of this, and it is important to keep testing and adapting your sites to ensure that they are performing well.

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