Viral Words

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Viral Words:

Some More Examples

A change of pace for this post. Returning to an old theme, and one of the original reasons for beginning this blog.

dotrim: Doing Truth, Reality in Internet Marketing

Viral Marketing WordsEarlier posts pointed to some words that are commonly used in Internet Marketing. The purpose of these words is to get you to take some form of action. That is usually to get you to open your wallet and throw some money at the wonderful “opportunity” that has been laid out before. Frequently the opportunity does not live up to promise that is implied in some of the colorful, evocative and misleading words to describe it or the action you should take.

The examples in this post are typical.


Now doesn’t that tell you that you should act NOW! That’s just the intention behind the use of the word. Act now, and do not think any more about it! You will miss out if you delay!

It seems a little strange to me that for one opportunity that I enquired about, I have received more than six emails with either the word Urgent or similar telling me that I have until a certain time to complete my sign-up or I will miss out. Today I actually opened the email and checked the link, only to find another unsustainable matrix type operation.

My next move:- locate the unsubscribe link and try to make sure that I do not receive any more emails from that source.

Don’t Join….:

Now this is a tricky one! My experience tells me that the sender of the email does NOT really mean that! If you take the time to read the whole message, because it’s not in the title, you will find that you are being asked to join. The Don’t Join actually means Don’t Join because the sender doesn’t like the opportunity, they LOVE it! Or Don’t Join if don’t want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Whatever happened to Truth in Internet Marketing? Or is just clever advertising?

Another Unsubscribe coming up.

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