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Organic Traffic

Traffic Means Buyers

Now that the site has been created and published, it is time to promote it and have it found by people who are in the market for products that you have chosen to build your site on.


Do not be tempted to take the fast track and buy traffic to your site. Advertising in Traffic Exchanges, Pay To Click sites and similar, will get your AdSense account disabled, and all of that effort that has gone into building the site will b wasted. And any earnings made before the account is closed down will be lost, and Google will tell you that the advertisers will be reimbursed.

What you are looking for is Organic traffic. That is traffic that has sought your site out by searching, or finding it from links on other sites that they were looking at.

Search Engine Traffic:

All of the effort to choose the best keywords, and to optimize your pages and content, has been aimed at helping to get your site indexed and rank high in the search results for those keywords. That high ranking (hopefully high on page 1) will get your site noticed and visitors who are in a buying frame of mind will click the ads being displayed, building up your AdSense account.

Article Marketing:

To promote your site, and attract visitors with an interest in the product, the next thing to do is to produce and publish some related articles in article directories. There are many of these, but it is best to choose those with a high profile and good reputation. Ezine Articles is one of the best, but there are others that you can also choose.

For this part of the niche siteĀ  building process you will prepare and publish articles that relate very closely to each of the pages of your site. These articles will be published over a period of 7 days or more, and 1 article per day will be published. Each article will add more information about the keyword for the page that it focuses on. The article will also have a Resource Box at the end which links back to the page. That then gives another way for readers to find your site, when they find the article and click the Resource Box link for more information.

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