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Keywords determine Content

With the style of Niche Product site being covered in this series of posts the keywords that have been selected will be critical in the choice of content that will be posted on the site.

The Main Keyword:

Niche research

Find Your Niche

This keyword, which has also been used for the choice of domain name for the site will be used as the foundation on which the front page, or the home page of the site will be built.

Using the example that has been discussed in these posts, the main keyword is Shimano pedals. So the front page of the site will have content which is built on the keyword, Shimano pedals.

The title of the page will also contain the keyword.

The page could be a review of Shimano pedals. Ideas for a review like that could come the Shimano website, or other reviews in places like Amazon. The content of the page however, should be ORIGINAL. Do not copy and paste, and be very careful if you choose to “spin” an article that has already been published. Spinners often make a real mess of the language by choosing the wrong words or mixing up the grammar.

Articles from other sites, or PLR articles might also help with providing ideas for your page. Remember, though, to make the content your own.

Extra Keywords:

Use the extra keywords that you have uncovered in your research to use to build pages (or articles) around.

The example we are working on will mean that a page for each of the following keywords will be created.

  • Shimano 105 pedals
  • Shimano spd pedals
  • Shimano clipless pedals
  • Shimano dx pedals

Each page will incorporate the keyword that is the focus for that page on its title.

Once again these pages will be original content, although you can source ideas for the articles from places like mentioned above.

These articles could be posted as normal blog posts, although the keep them in sequence would mean some manipulation of publication dates.

A more elegant solution, in my opinion, would be to publish each article on its own page, which would be made a subpage of a top level page that is made for just that purpose. For an example of that check the Lactose Free Now site.

While writing the content of these posts you can use the keyword in appropriate places, but make sure that the language flows and reads naturally for a human reader. Do not be tempted to think that search engines will rank you more highly if the keyword is repeated often. That was an old tactic that has been counteracted in changes to way that search engines rank pages.

The search engines need to find the keywords, but will penalize your page if it appears too often.

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  • isloooboy said,

    You mean that I have to make more pages along with main page for the rest of the keywords, right?

    Like my main keyword must be placed on main page and I have to talk about it only on that particular page. Rest keywords will also get the same treatment on their pages?