Configuring A Niche Product Site

Posted by Neville on November 7, 2011 under How To, Niche | Read the First Comment

Now that the domain and hosting for your site have been established it is time to get down to creating the content.

The following procedures assume that WordPress is being used to manage that content.

Setting Up The Content Management System

It is possible to use website creation software to build your site, but for ease of use WordPress has many features that make the creation and modification of the site much easier to do.

There are several methods for installing WordPress on your site, but I have found the process really simple if cpanel is available with your hosting package. This video shows the process with a different host, but it works just the same with the host I prefer, Hostgator.


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  • isloooboy said,

    In this video installation was real simple and very effective, Now I am waiting for the next posting in which I want to know how to install Plugins which bring life into the blog? Although I found how to add contents and manage them but still I love to see what you suggest?