Building A Niche Product Site

Posted by Neville on November 13, 2011 under How To, Niche | 4 Comments to Read

Building To Be Found

Our aim in building a Niche Product site, to show AdSense ads, is to rank well in searches so that people looking for the product will see the ads, and when they find one that is worth checking out, they will click it.

So how do we rank well in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)? There is a whole industry built around that, and many of the experts will try to sell you their services for huge amounts. In this post we will stick with some basic principles.

Good Content

Niche Site ContentOur content will be relevant, unique and on topic. By carefully choosing keywords, and basing each page around those keywords the search engine robots (or spiders) will make an assessment that the pages are worthy of being indexed.

By taking care to make it easy (but not too obvious) to find the keywords, the pages should move up the rankings. If not, then a little tweaking may be necessary. It might not happen overnight, but if you have chosen the keywords carefully you should see progress towards page 1. We will be detailing some processes for helping to get to that ranking in later posts.

For now, we are making sure that the site we build is one that search engines like. That is, if an engine is capable of that sort of emotion.

Site Structure

Search also have built into the algorithm they use for ranking, a range of factors that will help that ranking. The way a site is structured is one of those, and this post will now focus on some key things that a professional site will have.


The search engine crawlers like to see how a site is structured. If you provide them with a sitemap, that is an indication that the site has been planned and is most likely well built. The plugin that I use for that also notifies the search engines when changes have been made to the site.

Search engines appreciate your help, so build a sitemap.

Privacy Policy

Another indicator of a professional site. A privacy policy can be adapted from various templates that can be found by doing a serach for them. Once you have found a good one You can reuse it on other sites with just a little editing.

Include a link to the Privacy page on your site so that it can reached from any part of the site. Also include a contact link in that page.

Contact Us

You will probably not get a lot of people who want to contact you to discuss your site, but for those who do it is good to give them a form to use. Some people think that this could be inviting spam, but the plugin I use has a Captcha code to complete, and it is also possible to link it to Akismet, to help filter out spam.

Before launching the site, make sure that these elements are in place, because that will save having to go back later, when you have moved into promotion phase, and it can be easily overloooked.

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  • isloooboy said,

    Very well crafted post and easy to understand and what I get from this post you want us to make similar kind of postings. One thing which is missing you mentioned a plugin in your post for sitemap but did not mentioned which one or what is the name? is is trade secret or you will disclose it in next episode?

  • Neville said,

    Thanks isloooboy. The sitemap plugin that I use is Google XML Sitemaps. It is installed on your niche site, and can be seen as activated in your list of plugins. There is also a link to it in the footer of your site.

    I also did not mention the plugin that I use for the Contact Us form. It is called Fast Secure Contact Form.

  • Isloooboy said,

    Thanks for your quick reply I hope and wish you will guide me about more plugins which are crucial for the niche site.

  • Narutobux said,

    Mr Nev, I’m really happy to read your article cause your posting always usefull to find niche of marketing.