Selecting a Niche Product

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Step 1 for building a niche product site for making money by advertising starts here. Refer back to What Is A Niche Product for a brief introduction.

 Brainstorming Niche Products

In this article one method for selecting a niche product is described. The aim is to find a product, so that a site that will be found easily in search engines, can be built about that product.

Check out the Market Place;

It is best to do this part of the research with a pen and notepad handy (or maybe a text editor open on your  computer). We are going to do a quick brainstorming session. To start, you need to write down a general, or broad category from which to pick a niche. That can be something like Sports, or Health or Gardening.

In this example I am going to use Amazon as the place to find a list of potential niche products.

Next open up Amazon’s best sellers, from the largest online retail store, where there literally thousands of products to buy. Remember, though, that you are not going to buy, and you will not be selling any products you find, (yet!).

Search Amazon For A Product

Search the category you have chosen, to see if there are subcategories. For example, I chose Sports. The category in Amazon is Sports & Outdoors. The subcategory I chose was Bikes & Accessories. That has even more subcategories, so I kept digging. Next I chose Components & Parts, and then the subcategory, Pedals.

Digging down in the categories looks like this:

  • Sports & Outdoors
    • Bikes & Accessories
      • Components & Parts
        • Pedals.
Niche research

Find Your Niche

Now that we arrived at the last of the subcategories it’s time to find a product to become the focus of the site to be produced.

The bestsellers list ranks them them from best sellers down to those that sell less. So the logical choice is to select one of the bestsellers to add to your brainstorm list.

In the example I have chosen that is the product Shimano PD-M520L MTB Sport Pedals with Cleats.

Later when you gathered a list of potential niche products this one will give the option to research a

  • Product Type: Road Bike Pedal
  • Product Line: Shimano Pedal or
  • Product Model: Shimano MTB Sports Pedal (or any other model).

But the reseach starts later.

Write down these options to put aside for keyword research a little later.

Now repeat the process until you have up to 20 different niche product possibilities to research. The example above give you 3 possibilities. So you are looking for up to to 17 other niche products.

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