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By the end of this post you will have enough information to go searching for a domain name for your Niche Product site. Before we do that, there are two more pieces of data required.

More Niche Product research

Niche research

Find Your Niche

Now that you have that list of 20 potential Niche Products, with data on Global Monthly Searches and Competition you can trim down the list a little.

We are looking for keywords that have 500 or more Global Monthly Searches for the exact match. Anything less than that 500 searches per month will make it hard for get enough eyes on your site.

Competition: This is a measure of the sites competing for your keyword. High competition from lots of other sites that have are using your keyword will also make it hard to get traffic to your site. So here we will be looking for Low Competition (best) or Medium Competition (not ideal, but may be OK).

Go through your list and keep those keywords with 500 or more Global Monthly Searches that have either Low Competition or maybe Medium Competition.

Cost Per Click (CPC) data.

We use this data to help decide if Advertisers place value on getting clicks. Advertisers know what will get clicks, and they have to pay more for better performing keywords. So we will looking for a Cost Per Click (CPC) value of greater than $0.50. Anything less, and the share from clicks on ads that you display on your site will be too small to be worth chasing.

To find out the CPC add the keywords that you are researching to the Enter a Domain name or Keyword box at SpyFu ( If there is no data presented you may need to refine the keyword a little.

In the example I am using, Shimano Pedals, the CPC is reported as Cost/Click $0.095 – $1.17, which is greater than our minimum requirement. Shimano Pedals is still in the game!

SpyFu also may provide the next bit of data required for deciding to take our research further.

SpyFu Keyword Research

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Advertiser Numbers

It will be difficult to make money from Adsense ads if there are no ads supplied for the keyword you choose. We will be looking to see there are ads that are served for your keyword. Our criterion for continuing with our keyword is 5 or more advertisers for that keyword.

SpyFu may supply that number, and in the case of Shimano Pedals, we are told that there are 10 Advertisers. So it’s all stems go for that keyword.

If SypFu does not fetch the data, you can get it by doing a Google search for your keyword, and counting the number of ads displayed at the top and in the right sidebar. Just make sure that the number of ads is 5 or more.

Exact Match Domain Name

The next step is check if there is an exact match for your keyword available as a domain name, so that you will be able to register that domain name when you have finished with the research.

The process for checking domain names is to be outlined in the next post.

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