Niche Profit Classroom Review

Posted by Neville on October 9, 2011 under Niche, Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Find A Niche Market

Niche researchNormally I would do a review after checking out all, or most of the components in the program being reviewed.

If I waited for that to happen with Niche Profit Classroom, this review might never be completed. There is a wealth of tools, videos and discussions that you get with NPC that it’s going to take a long time to get through them all.

At this stage I have just scratched the surface, but what I have seen has been just the right mix of background information and practical demonstration of the program in action.

In fact I am finding it a challenge not to dive in as I usually would and start to use the tools before I have viewed the training materials. That urge to get stuck into the program is probably going to continue, but I will be resisting it until I get further into the training.

So far I have watched only the first 2 modules in the classroom, where the material is provided in well structured and sequential short video over-the-shoulder demonstrations. There are at least 6 more modules to complete, and that’s just at the beginning level.

Recommended Approach To Training

There’s just so much more that is waiting. The recommended approach is to work through the classroom videos, watching and noting the processes. You could work on your own niche project while doing that for the first time, but I will be waiting until i get further into the training, and come back to video training and go through it again, while researching and building a niche.

Yes, it is possible to dive in and use one of the prepared niche packages, and get started immediately. The choice is yours.

Slow and Steady Win the Race

Of course, by taking my time, that means that I will not have a niche site ready by the time the $1 trial (14 days) is over, so to continue I will be taking out the monthly subscription, with the anticipation that money made from the niche I develop will pay for that subscription many time over. That’s a bit of a gamble, but all the more reason to take my time and implement the program effectively.

So far I have just begun to the classroom training. There’s so much more to support the program including tools to save time and effort, webinars (both live and recorded) for up to date information and forums to share with other successful NPC members.

Exciting, and profitable times ahead.

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