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Niche Product Site Review

Niche Product ReviewNow is the time to sit back and takes stock of where we have gone, and what the future holds.

So far you have identified a keyword that is searched frequently, has low competition and the market has active advertisers, and by assumption, active buyers.

That has allowed you find an exact name domain name, based on the keyword, where you will add content to attract readers who will click the AdSense ads that you set up. This is how you will generate income. It will not be huge amounts, but will build up over time.

What your niche product site will look like.

1: up to 5 pages. The home page plus up to 4 other pages with articles related to the product. These pages will focus on other high performing keywords that your research will find. More is to come in future posts about that process.

2: Each page will contain a uniquely written article, based on the selected keywords. The choice of effective keywords ( along with someĀ  relevant promotions) will get the site into the top SERPs (Search Engine Rank Pages). From there some people will click the link to your site.

3: There will be relevant images to attract readers to the page. They will not be turned off by big masses of text to read through. The text will be formatted to make it easy to read.

4: The pages will be linked to each other for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

5: Contact and Privacy pages will also be developed, to convince the Search Engines that this is a reputable site.

6: A sitemap will be published, that lets the Search Engines know the structure of the site, and informs them of changes made to the site.

7: A prominent, but not overpowering Ad Block will be created to hold the AdSense ads.

And when that is all done, there will some work to do to help the pages rocket their way to the top of the SERPs. So there is still quite a lot of work to do. To increase the chances of success it is therefore important that each step is taken. In particular, I would advise against thinking that all you have to do is add some AdSense ads, promote the site like crazy and sit back and wait for the cash to roll in. If you race ahead without taking all of the conditions that apply to your AdSense account you could be heading for a lot of work for little or no reward.

The next step is, you guessed it! More Keyword Research. That follows in the next post. See you there.

Before you go to the next page, check out the Kelty Sleeping Bags site, which is on produced by Niche Profit Classroom

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  • isloooboy said,

    After setting up the site the next step is to promote it in proper way and according to Google Adsense rules, right? If it is going to be discuss in the next post than I am waiting for it but if not than please share some information about it as well.

  • Affiliate Marketing said,

    Very helpful article. The beginners must read this and participate the training classes of affiliate marketing of niche products.

  • Rashid said,

    After setting up the site the nest step is to promote it in proper way and according to Google adsense rules, right?

  • Narutobux said,

    Nice review about 7 niche product site will look.
    but i think the “pages linked” and “uniquely writting article” is most important for SEO anyway thank’s for sharing this to us

  • Udo Hoffmann said,

    I have a question… Does being Google slapped have an effect? I can not use Google ad words or Google AdSense so will this have an effect on setting up a page and going for ranking in Google?

  • Qaim Abbas said,

    After read all information about Niche Product I think this is a one of the best site for those people who want to make and earn money via online. So I recommend and like it very much. I also want to share it with my all friends and relatives about the benefits of this site as soon as possible, thanks.

  • Atif sohail said,

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  • aly said,

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  • anthony hart said,

    I also like niche marketing and think that it needs more exposer. This helps to this.

  • salim said,

    thank you neville i like this post

  • marS said,

    Better and better, must admit. As you presented niche product is complete package with everything what good-lookin-content site must have. Wish you a great success!
    Btw: there’s ad sense ad block mentioned. is it only for adsense ads or there can be other ads…what with people who don’t have/lost adsense accounts?

  • Neville said,

    Yes, Marko, there is a mention of an ad block. It does not have to be adsense only. You will notice that my site here does not have adsense.
    This post relates to just one style of Niche site, that depends on advertising revenue and adsense is the one that everyone knows about. People without adsense accounts will have to investigate other advertising options or maybe use one of the other styles of Niche site.
    Those other styles are outlined in an earlier post and are explained in detail in the Niche Profit Classroom.

  • A.J. said,

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  • suleman said,

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    Very interesting info you have here, Neville! Newbies can benefit a lot from all the info you have shared. Keep it up!


  • nitin kumar shukla said,

    Great post of Niche Product and give very useful information.

  • joel said,

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  • Doug Robinson said,

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