Niche Marketing Stumbling Blocks

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3 Niche Marketing Problems

Niche Marketing has been around for some time now. You can see it in many forms such as mini-sites and the huge number of niche focused blogs. The days of targeting general, broad markets and making money from them may be on the way out.

Do Small Niche Markets Work?

One way to make money in the Internet Marketing environment today is to specialize in well defined niche topics.

However, that seems a little strange. “Surely you can’t make money from a small market place,” is a common response to the concept. Along with the disbelief that Niche Marketing will work are a few misconceptions that drive some people away from the potential.

Niche Profits ClassroomStumbling Block#1: You have to be an expert in the Niche you choose!

Should you only choose a Niche where you are an expert? NO!

Although you can easily appear as an expert, but not know anything about a particular niche topic, it is not recommended. You should have at least some interest in the topic, even if that is only to have a handle on the general feel for it. The key is to build on that interest to make it appear that you are an expert. Outsourcing the production of content to build niche sites, andĀ  the purchase of resale rights to an eBook in your niche are just a couple of ways to do that.

Stumbling block #2: Choosing one niche market and sticking with it.

Don’t believe it! Establish yourself in a niche, develop it to become profitable, then choose another, and run with it.

Play the Niche marketing numbers game. Once you find a profitable niche, stabilise it and use the knowledge gained to discoverĀ  another niche market.

Stumbling Block #3: Choosing affiliate marketing as the only way to market in a niche.

Affiliate marketing and promoting niche products can be very profitable, but if you are doing only this, you are missing out on potential.

Use your niche site to set up a short course to email to subscribers, and then build your reputation in the niche. That way your subscribers will feel more confident buying that affiliate product, or even better, the information resource that you have produced (or outsourced). Since your subscriber now trusts you, you can recommend products in that niche again and again, knowing your recommendation holds a lot of weight.

Those are three common stumbling blocks that put some people off niche marketing.

To help you over these stumbling blocks I recommend that you investigate the Niche Profits Classroom. Yes, the word Classroom may bring back all of those memories of school days and irrelevant learning tasks. I know that 5 days into my 14 day trial offer, I have picked up literally scores of great tips that it would take years to discover by trial and error. And it ‘s all in easy to follow chunks, with video, and the tools to help get that niche site up and running.


Not all niche markets will be winners, but NPC will help avoid the disasters.

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