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Finding More Niche Keywords

A potential domain name has been identified, but before it is registered the next step is to identify up to 4 more keywords that can be used for some extra pages in the site that will be built very soon.

Niche research

Find Your Niche

Why do we need more keywords?

Search engines do not rank websites.

They rank pages, so with more pages in your niche product site, there is more scope for having pages with good ranking that appear on the first page of the SERPs.

  • More pages with good ranking, means more potential visitors to your site.
  • More visitors to the site increases that chances for more clicks on the AdSense ads.

Back To The Keyword Tool

We return to the Google Keyword tool to find up to 4 more keywords that are strongly related to the main keyword.

Again we will be looking for keywords that have relatively high monthly search results (>500) and low to medium competition.

Those words will be chosen for the same reason that the main keyword was chosen.

  • High search volume, because we want to choose a keyword that people are actually using in their search queries.
  • Low (or medium competition) because strong competition makes it more difficult to rank well.

For these keywords we are not as concerned with market demand (the ads already showing) as that has been determined for the main keyword.

The Process:

Return to Google AdWords keyword tool (use Google search to find it unless it has been bookmarked earlier).

Enter your main keyword as the Word or Phrase.

Once again choose the Exact Match Type.

This time we will check out the Keyword Ideas section of the results page.

Click the Global Monthly Searches column to arrange the the results in order of size from greatest to smallest. That makes it easier to browse through those with the highest search volume and by looking in the Competition column, select up to 4 with Low or Medium competition.

Niche Keyword Research

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In the example I have been using for these posts the Main Keyword is Shimano pedals.

The possible extra keywords are:

  • Shimano 105 pedals
  • Shimano spd pedals
  • Shimano clipless pedals
  • Shimano dx pedals

The keywords selected will be used as the basis for separate pages on the site to be created. So the next step will be to register the domain name, and prepare for creating the site for adding the content.

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  • Isloooboy said,

    Will we have to create them after developing the 5 pages site and after promoting for a while right? or we will create them in the starting?

  • Neville said,

    The suggestion is that these keywords be selected before creating the site because they will be used for each page of the site. They will feature in the SEO for each page to make that page easier to index in search engines.