Keyword Research for a Niche Product

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Now that you have 20 possible Niche Products selected, we are now going to work through that list to identify one that will be the focus of the site that will be created.

Keyword Research

First, select one of the 20 potential Niche Products. Using the examples from the previous post, I am going to select Shimano Pedal to base my research on.

What you will be looking for is a result from your research that give a name that can be registered as an exact name domain.

Niche research

Find Your Niche

This post will only just begin the process to finding that elusive domain name. It will be intensive and time consuming if done manually, which is why I use the Niche Profit Classroom site. It has the tools, and the training for this process.

Open the Google Keyword Tool

You can find the Free Google Adwords Keyword tool by doing a search for Google Adwords Keyword Tool in a search engine. In Google of course it will be one of the top sites returned on the first page of results.

To get access to the site you will have to complete a captcha form for your first query, unless you have registered for an AdWords account.

This image shows the top section of the page for the query: Shimano pedals. I recommend that you open the image in a new tab or page, so you can refer to it when reading the discussion below.

Niche Keyword ResearchEnter your Keywords query.

  1. Type the keyword in the Find Keywords text box. eg Shimano pedals.
  2. Tick the box: Only show ideas closely related to my search terms.
  3. Select from the Match Types [exact].
  4. Click the Search button.

Collect the data.

Here you will be looking for

  • Global Monthly Searches number of greater than 500. Shimano pedals is 4400, so that is looking good so far.
  • Low to Medium Competition . Shimano pedals has Medium Competition, so it looks like a borderline case for being a good keyword.

There are several other factors that will be considered, but for now record the data on your brainstormed list, and repeat the process to check out some of the other potential keywords you have identified. Record the Global Monthly search numbers and Competition for the keywords that you plug into the Keyword tool.

We will come back to those when choosing the best options for the next steps.

The next post in this series will discuss how to determine an exact name domain for your site.

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  • isloooboy said,

    I have made 10 niches till now, now I am waiting for your next step, I am feeling really exciting and I am very happy for my decision to follow you.

  • Neville said,

    The next steps have been outlined in the next post. I look forward to seeing which niches you have chosen.