Getting Started: Niche Products

Posted by Neville on October 22, 2011 under How To, Niche | 2 Comments to Read

Let’s get started with setting up to make money in a niche market. We will start with the first type of site that was mentioned in the 3 Niche Marketing Styles post at this blog.

What is a Niche Product

Simply stated, a niche product is a specific product that is just one of many that may be available in a particular market sector. We need to drill down in a market sector to sub-categories and further  to find particular items that could be called a niche product.

Examples might include specific items such as in the Sports sector of the market we can dig right down to specific products at Pedals for Road Bicycles. So the product type: Pedals could be used to base a site on. But of course, it’s not quite as simple as just choosing a niche and running with it, hoping that it will produce the goods.

There is much more research that needs to be done before deciding to target a niche such as that.

Shimano Niche ProductWe also need to consider, while doing that research on the example I have given, if the niche needs to be further defined.

In the example I have selected, Pedals is a broad product type. If you find that there are some brands that produce several pedals, and that is a popular brand, you might focus on that brand, eg Shimano Pedals. So you could use Shimano Pedals as your niche product. That is a product line.

It is possible to narrow down further to a particular model, eg Shimano Dura Ace PD-7900 Road Pedal (Carbon) and focus your site on Shimano Dura Ace as your niche product. That is a product model.

Types of Product Niche

So you product niche can be a:

  • Product type
  • Product line or
  • Product model

The important thing to remember in all of this is that there is still much more research that needs to be done to select a niche product that will produce the results that we are looking for. The processes for that will be outlined in posts that h follow this one.

Not all niches are created equal.

Also we need to remind ourselves that in this type of Niche marketing we are not actually selling that product, but just setting up a site that provides good information about it, and that site has advertising (typically AdSense)  that readers potentially click on. Those clicks on ads will generate small amounts of income to the publisher (you), which build up over time.  Once again, more details on how to do that later.


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  • Isloooboy said,

    Very nicely elaborated article, after reading it I understand why I was not able to create real effect which I was looking for. Example, I was trying to write about everything which I thought would be create some good traffic for me and I will get some good clicks too. Now I have one question, “We do not need to be affiliate with that niche company so we can get some earnings from them too? or If the selected niche is not looking for any affiliate than we have to leave it even it is popular massively?.

  • Neville said,

    The process outlined in these posts is based on creating a site that has a focus on just one product. It is not necessary for that product to be an affiliate product. The concentration will be on earning money from displaying AdSense advertising.
    Upcoming posts will detail the process.
    It is possible to use the site to sell the product as an affiliate, but that is not the main objective.