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Choosing a Domain Name

Niche research

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Your niche product site will be hosted on its own domain. The selection of that domain name will either help with making your site easily found or maybe contribute it being buried deep in search results.

A domain name that has an exact match for your main keyword is best. The preferred extension is to find a .com, although .net and .org will also be OK. Steer clear of any other extensions such as .info or.ws.

Going with the example I have chosen, I searched for the availability of shimanopedals.com in GoDaddy.

To search for availability of your potential domains you can use theĀ Go Daddy Domain Name Search Tool . Type the keyword into the form, and GoDaddy will show if the domain is available.

Your choices are:

  • If it is available you can purchase it now, but you might want to hold off until you are sure that you will be going ahead with the niche product site. OR
  • It it is already taken scan through the alternative domains that are available, to find one that has as close as possible your main keyword.

The results of my shimanopedals.com are shown here. Open up the image in a new tab or window to see the details.

Exact Match Domain NameWhy Exact Name Domain?

The aim is to get as many eyes on the site to improve the chances that people will check out some of the AdSense ads that you will be putting there. That means that we want organic traffic, from search engine results. Artificial traffic building strategies such submission in Traffic Exchanges and Pay To click sites will NOT be used. Inclusion in these may result in having your AdSense account disabled, and once that happens it is very difficult to reinstate it.

With your main keyword incorporated in the domain name that is another positive that will help search engines find it. Along with other strategies that will be outlined in future posts, this should help to get that prized high position of page 1 on Google (or Bing or Yahoo etc).

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  • isloooboy said,

    keyword incorporated in the domain name means the real catch of traffic within a limited time, right?