3 Niche Marketing Styles

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Now that this series of posts is heading into the practical aspects of Niche Marketing it is time to consider what style of format that can take. In keeping with the trend of the last two posts, where groups of 3 have been featured,  let’s choose 3 ways to make money from a chosen niche.

3 Ways For Niche Marketing

1: Make money from advertising the niche.

Niche MarketingThis is perhaps the simplest form of Niche Marketing. This style is usually product based. It requires making a simple site that provides useful and relevant information about the products in the niche. That information is typically prepared to be found easily from Search Engine queries. The site will also have carefully placed advertising, typically AdSense ads, and the when these are clicked by visitors to the site, small payments are added to the account of the site owner.

This method will usually only produce small income per site per day, so often the marketers using this style will have many sites in different niches, thus building income from these different sites.

The Kelty Sleeping Bags site is a Niche Product site with AdSense advertising. It is a live example produced by the team at Niche Profit Classroom

2: Affiliate Marketing in a Niche

In this form of Nice Marketing, the site owner targets a product for which they will be paid a commission for sales generated from their site. Articles related to the product are published to have the site appear in Search Engine queries. the owners of these sites may also provide a method for subscription to a short email course or information series. In that series of emails there may be further opportunities for subscribers to purchase the affiliate product.

This style of niche marketing is typically associated with information or software products, although it can also be used for physical product sales.

For an example of this style you could watch the development of Lactose Free Now.


3: Sales of Owner Produced Products.

In this form of Niche Marketing the site owner has produced their own product and is marketing that through their sites. It flows on from the affiliate style of Niche Marketing, and also has a subscription or membership offer associated with it.

The owner may also offer the product to subscribers to sell if they establish, or use an Affiliate Management program.

The Betta Fish Center site is a an example of one of these Niche Sites.

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  • Rosyel Sawali (raincrystal) said,

    Thank you for your Niche Marketing articles, Neville. I find them truly helpful. I’m actually just starting to explore this part of online marketing and I’m quite glad to be finding materials that help me know more about it. Keep the great info coming!


  • Neville said,

    Thanks Rain,

    Yes, it is an interesting and challenging area of Internet Marketing. There are so many different approaches to niche marketing it can be a bit confusing, which is why I have decided to stick with NPC.

    Already I can see benefit from using their training materials as it has steered me away from some niches that may not have been viable.

    In the meantime it’s back to research, and building the second and third niche sites.

  • salim said,

    awesome article . thank you neville

  • aly said,

    Marketing good way but need hard work and good site

  • free4u2011 said,

    Great information that inspires network marketers. I really like this post much. thanks for that.

  • marS said,

    Very clear and understandable explanation. With all of this methods you can get the revenue. And the best way to start is to learn from someone who has experience and proven methods to achieve this niche goals.

  • Forex Trading said,

    Thanks! Neville for this clear explanation on how to earn revenue in multiple way from the chosen Niche Market.

  • evans said,

    wau their are many ways to make money through niche marketing thanks neville

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    well its a nice and best way to learn about Niche Profit I like it and thanks a lot to share that

  • anthony hart said,

    very informative. I will be coming back to this website all the time.

  • Udo Hoffmann said,

    Nice Neville, as usual 🙂

    I do have a request… Could you toss in a few links as examples for each of the styles? Some folks understand better with visual rather than verbal representations.

  • nitin kumar shukla said,

    Great Post of Niche Marketing Styles.

  • Qaim Abbas said,

    I read the all written information and watch video about Niche Marketing. I think it very clear and understandable for all. Niche Marketing is the best way for earning and for all people. So I like it very much, Thanks.

  • isloooboy said,

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  • Jacque said,

    I want to create a niche on Blythe dolls. Where can I read more on how to create Niche pages?

  • Donna said,

    This is a great offer. I think it will go over well. Thanks for your information.

  • Donna said,

    Neville as always your ideas are wonderful Thank you for letting me in on your thoughts.

  • Neville said,

    Jacque, I have had a quick look at the niche, Blythe dolls, and it looks like it could be suitable for a Product Niche site. The posts that followed this one discuss how to research and create a Niche Product site.

    I have also set up links to these posts on the Niche Markets page of this site.

    It is also possible that Blythe dolls could be a successful niche for an Affiliate or a Owner produced site. All of these styles of niche sites are developed in the NPC training videos.

  • free4u2011 said,

    Yes all that is said about this page is really true and there is no doubt about that. Niche marketing is doing wonders.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks to everyone for the comments.

    And Udo, just for you (and everyone else of course), I have added a couple of links to Niche sites that serve as examples of that style of site.

    I have not included an Affiliate style Niche site as it seems that NPC is putting less emphasis on that style.

  • yadi said,

    additional lessons that I can after reading the article above, I understand what it is so much a niche market, and how to start a business, what should we do, and how we do it,

  • Gwendolyn Allen said,

    Betta Fish Center is a great example and niche, lots of traffic!

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  • Scotty Rushing said,

    I find that niche marketing allows me to create focused, targeted campaigns that maximize my Clickbank commissions while giving me the most bang for my advertising buck. If you’re all over the affiliate radar it’s hard to generate the numbers you need for conversion, and niche marketing allows me to take a “sniper” approach.

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  • Ibrahim Setjadiwirja said,

    I like your Niche Marketing styles, simple and direct to the root of the matter. Can you give me a sample Niche site of Affiliate Marketing in a Niche?

  • Philippe Moisan said,

    The best known example of an affiliate management program is if you sell a product on ClickBank, you provide tools for the affiliates to help them sell your product.