Research and Finding Your Niche

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Meeting A Demand

The product or service you will promote in a niche market should be be chosen based on this basic economic principle. Is there a demand for your product or service? Your offer should be something that people  need, something that will improve their lives, make them feel and look better, or help them solve that nagging problem.

Niche researchCustomer Motivation

After you have chosen a product or service to offer to the market, more detailed research to decide the best  niche is the next important part for beginning a niche marketing program. You need to determine where potential customers and clients spend their time online, and what motivates them, both from a personal and business point of view.

Price Setting

As you research your online niche market your research should tell you what is a  reasonable charge for your product or service. To check this out, visit sites that advertise products or services similar to your choice. It should be easy to see if they are giving away a service or selling the product at a price far lower than you would have to charge.

Do they want? Will they buy it?

If your research tells you that there are potential customers and clients out there who are willing  to buy what you are selling and you can identify those people,  then you have a potential niche market for your product or service.  Managed well you should be able to make money on the Internet. Sometimes it takes modifying your product or service to increase its appeal, making it more attractive, better or just different from others who are selling something similar.

Research is a vital component for achieving success in niche marketing.


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