Niche Targeting Tactics

Posted by Neville on September 26, 2011 under Niche | 19 Comments to Read

How to target a niche.

Now that you are thinking about a niche market, we are going to go step by step through one strategy for how to target that niche.

Select a niche.

Niche researchTo select that niche we have  find what people are eager to buy, and then give give them what they want.

Here is a list of some potential niche categories:

  • health and fitness,
  • religious and spiritual,
  • finance, investments and trading,
  • travel, trekking, camping, going to the sea, or may be the mountains,
  • food, cakes, or fish, or meat, vegetarian peoples,
  • people who love safari, the desert, adventure.

These are just a few of the potential wider fields in which you can find a niche. There are plenty of them everywhere.

Looking  in places like clickbank marketplace, in general directory groups, or at may help you find a category to investigate for your niche. There may be groups in your favourite social networks that can give that idea to get started.

Another place for finding that big idea for a niche check out infomercials or browse through the magazines on the news-stand. If they sell, there’s a market.

Work from the big idea.

Take the first general idea, then go to a more specific idea.

For example you are interested in martial arts. You could try a niche in self defense, then refine that further to self defense for women. By looking through the category you can select from there  continue until you find the niche which will make you profit.

Using tools to help select a niche

There are free tools on the web to help you to find your niche.

In  Alexa you can find the traffic rank for websites in the niche you are considering, and how many visited that site per million visitors.
Finding related keywords will help you find the niche, and the Google Adwords tool is one way to do that. Checking the keywords that you use will identify those related keywords to help build and guide you in your chosen niche. By using Google you will also be able to find out if there is a lot of competition in your niche.
This all takes time, and the preparation time should help you establish your niche. In fact it may be useful to develop three ideas or more. Test all your ideas, and  keep the one that you find most profitable.

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  • Michael said,

    This is a very good website as a reference for any newbie who are trying to get started on niche marketing.

  • Rosyel Sawali (raincrystal) said,

    Thank you for this article, Neville. I’ve been looking into Niche Marketing as well. I’ve also written one article about it. At present, I’m exploring ways to build a better site using all the information gathered from my research. ^_^


  • Gwendolyn Allen said,

    Very informative site! Another helpful tool to help select a niche is Market Samurai, one of the best keyword research tool! (Not Free)

  • marS said,

    Agree with all in this blog post. To target a niche is step by step process, from wide area to details and finnaly to products or services people need.

  • Neville said,

    Rain, That’s the key. Do the research first, then use what you find to build better and more effective sites.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Gwendoline, for the heads up on Market Samurai. The Niche Profits Classroom site also has great keyword research tools and video training in how to use them.

  • malouisa said,

    Thank you for this article. I’ve learned a lot reading this site.

  • isloooboy said,

    I like the way you are explaining niche targeting step by step using absolutely free tools already available online. I think I was confused when I was searching for my targeted niche because I was looking in general never thought about more focus.

  • Barnali said,

    I think Travel and food (especially the health food) are two most important niches people are looking for and this I have not realized before. But one thing I just want to know from you. What if a person has gained expertise in one niche but the other niche would be successful at that moment, how would he become successful entrepreneur at that time?

  • Anthony Hart said,

    Thank you for this, Some great info. Please keep it up..

  • Qaim Abbas said,

    After reading about niche i want to say that this is a one of the best site and this a very informative & helpful tool. I agree with all in this blog site to target a niches is step by step process to products or services peoples need. I also know that this site has great keyword research tolls and video training to use them.I am fully agree with this article and i will also share this information with my friends.
    thanks for this informative article.

  • yadi said,

    very good article, I learned about this, frankly I’ve tried to create a blog but still confused about where to begin, after reading the article above it all becomes easy, where the direction to be followed in accordance with the niche we have, I strongly agree with described above.

  • Rashid said,

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  • Donna said,

    I am in so many niches, to try to earn money. I try to find the right keywords and it is hard. I am fairly new at this. I would love for someone to mentor me. I need a lot of help.

  • Udo Hoffmann said,

    Nicely put and well explained in simple to understand terms. I like (2 thumbs up)

  • salim said,

    i think health and fitness is a very good niche
    thanks again .

  • Narutobux said,

    Nice results categories there,
    but Mr. Neville, i want to add 3 most searched categories on internet, “business, kids and work from home”
    anyway thank’s for publish this post 🙂

  • david said,

    nice article which is well research keep up neville keep us informed always

  • Louis said,

    @Narutobux: Work from home is way too crowded IMO