A Short Cut To Niche Marketing

Posted by Neville on September 29, 2011 under Niche, Reviews | 17 Comments to Read

Get A Head Start Niche Marketing

Call it coincidence, call it luck?

It doesn’t really matter what you call it. It’s serendipity.
Just as I launch out on a series of posts about niche blogging and setting up a niche marketing, what should I discover but a series of videos which will do just that.

Well, at least, from viewing the first 2 of 9 videos, that’s where they are heading.

So I thought I would share with you just where you can get those videos, to help you take a short cut and get a head start. That is before  this series of blog posts is completed. The posts will reinforce and add to the videos, so please don’t forget to come back here to get those extra bits of information. And yes, you can talk about them here in comments to the posts.

So here’s where you can get those free videos.

TeamPromote Campaign: Free Niche Site Videos

TeamPromote Campaign


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  • Michael said,

    Blogging will definitely help a website get an audience. With proper knowledge and relevance of the post to the niche, this will surely a winner!

  • Gwendolyn Allen said,

    Thanks for sharing! I will be back here to share my thoughts on the videos.

  • marS said,

    Thank you for this, really serendipity info. I promote this service too, but stopped in last few days because I don’t have good feeling with this service.

  • malouisa said,

    Nice site.I will check again the free videos. bookmarked this page.

  • isloooboy said,

    Nice share, what about your own video tutorials I would love to follow your footsteps and looking forward to watch them as first.

  • Barnali said,

    I am eager to know about this link which will provide us the free videos. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  • Anthony Hart said,

    Am gonna take a look at the vids, Ill keep you posted with what i find.

  • Qaim Abbas said,

    As a new user, after reading the information of niche step by step, i want to say about this that this is a nice sharing. And this site is one of the best site for learning and sharing videos. Please share your videos with us because i want to see them. I like and promote it very very much.

  • Rashid said,

    well thanks its a good share i would like to follow your thinking to work

  • Donna said,

    I am in TeamPromote. It is a good site to help make money. That is what brought me to this article. I really like it, but I haven’t been with it long enough to earn money and get paid. I just joined it through Apsense not too long ago. I really enjoy these articles. They are very enlightening. Thanks.

  • Udo Hoffmann said,

    Video… it seems to be the wave of the future. At least I don’t have to hang my mug out there…lol

  • salim said,

    blogging is essential for any niche marketing

  • yadi said,

    good video tutorials as a guide through the business, especially here, we just register and follow the steps presented by the video

  • Neville said,

    The videos that you get to from the link in this post are free, and you do not have to join anything to view them except subscribe to a list that you can easily unsubscribe once you have downloaded the videos.

    I have watched most videos and they include some good strategies, ideas and tips. Some of the material is a couple of years old so some care needs to be taken to check that changes to things like the ways that Search Engine now deal with duplicate content are taken into account.

    If you are OK with building your own Niche Site(s) then these videos will give you a good starting point, but they do require that you do your own research and site content building.

    The videos in the Niche Profits Classroom are much more comprehensive and come with software tools to make the production of a Niche Marketing site much easier. But of course, they come as part of a subscription. Try the first 14 days for $1 to check if they will suit you.

    Thanks to everyone for posting comments on this post.

  • Narutobux said,

    Thank’s sir,
    it’s very useful to introduce TeamPromote to other people.
    Im member of TeamPromote and I like the system on That’s money making website cause TeamPromote use like sharing revenue, more you complete task, more money you get and also I’ll learn more to build Niche site from dotrim’s articles

  • david said,

    am like it and i will promote it to my colleagues keep up

  • Louis said,

    Great! A picture tells a thousand words. A video does way more.. 🙂