TeamPromote: Perfect for Affiliate Managers

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A Campaign For Affiliates

This short post attempts to outline the benefits of TeamPromote for owners of an affiliate program.TeamPromote Marketing Platform

As an example I have chosen to demonstrate with a fictional ClickBank product.

A typical scenario.

The product: Software to produce eBooks to sell. Yep, corny, but it’s just an example. It is offered at ClickBank with a 50% commission to affiliates.

The Aim: To attract affiliates who will promote the product and make sales.

The Process:
1: Adding to ClickBank will attract some affiliates, but there is strong competition, and thousands of products.

2: Promote and recruit affiliates by your own efforts. Advertising, email marketing, etc. using your own contacts and programs.

Now Enter TeamPromote!

3: Gather a Team of promoters who become affiliates and promote the product to their contacts.

A campaign set up for an affiliate product will create unique links for each promoter, and any sales generated will be credited to that promoter.

So everyone joining has a double opportunity for being rewarded. Advertisers get their product promoted, and sales.

How to set up a TeamPromote campaign for affiliates to join.

First all of the usual items like Campaign Name, Description, Logo, Geo-Targeting, Categories, and content for Text Ads and the Landing Page need to be planned.

The tricky part is filling in the Destination Link and the URL that tells promoters how to find their Referral ID.

Since the example is a ClickBank product, the Referral Link (known as a Hoplink) replaces the “xxxx” in this link:

TeamPromote Affiliate Form

Click to Enlarge

To set up the referral link the creator (advertiser) supplies the link. In the example shown at arrow (a) it is critical that the %ref_id% is added just like that, because the script uses that code to add each promoter’s unique Referral ID in that position.

The URL at arrow (b) is the link to where the promoter can sign up to get or retrieve their referral ID.

When a promoter joins a campaign such as this, they will be asked for their referral ID. If they already know it they can simply supply it when the join. If they have forgotten or need to sign up for a Referral ID, the URL at arrow (b) will tell them how to get that ID.

More Reward For Effort.

Affiliate Products have greater potential for generating cash for promoters:

  • In campaign rewards from the advertiser
  • and from sales of the product being promoted.

Look out for these campaigns at TeamPromote.

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