Preparing and Positioning For Team Work

Posted by Neville on August 12, 2011 under News, Reviews | 2 Comments to Read

Learning From A Game

TeamPromote PlanningWhile I am writing this I am watching a game of football, and it is obvious that the most effective team is the one that is well prepared and the team members position themselves for the greatest effect. Much of that is achieved by careful and planned preparation.

So what has this got to with this post?

Position yourself

to take advantage of the introduction of an innovative marketing platform that is very close to launch date.

The philosophy behind the approach in TeamPromote is that both Advertisers (with a product or service to sell) and Promoters (who help with spreading the word about these products) work together to support each other.

TgopTeam LogoAdvertisers create campaigns take place over a fixed time (Chosen by the Advertiser). They decide on an amount of funds to activate the campaign, and a significant amount of those funds are made available to be shared by the people who make up the team who have joined the campaign to promote it.

Promoters elect to join the campaigns and use the resources provide by TeamPromote to advertise the Advertiser’s product or service. The activity of each Promoter (based on the number of clicks their promotions attract) will be used to calculate their share of the funds allocated to the team. Rewards offered by the Advertiser are shared by the Promoters, based on the proportion of clicks that their promotions attract.

Preparation and Planning

When creating a campaign the Advertiser provides the information needed to produce the landing page and other sharing tools needed for the campaign. To prepare for creating a campaign there are several things should be ready for completing the form.

First, to take advantage of this service you will need to be a member of APSense, the Business Social Network.APSense Business Social Network

Then gather together details to help provide information for the product or service to be advertised. A title for the campaign, a description of the product, a logo to identify it, the link the prospects will be sent to, the budget for the campaign and how long to run it.

Promoters will also be members at APSense, and will have the opportunity to browse through the campaigns that are active. From them they can choose which ones to join.

To prepare themselves they can start to consider where they might be able to most effectively promote the products and services in the campaigns they have joined.

If you want to be advised as the launch time for TeamPromote nears, please use the contact form in the sidebar to let me know, and I will keep you up to date with progress.

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  • Malok Mading said,

    This is going to be more helpful to both parties and easier to work out too! Hope to take part when it launches.

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Malok,

    Planning is continuing and testing is underway. It is hoped that TeamPromote will be ready to launch in about 2 days from now.