Old Dogs and New Tricks

Posted by Neville on August 17, 2011 under Blogging, Training | 2 Comments to Read

What is they say about Old Dogs?

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

Don’t believe it. You are never too to old to learn something new.

That’s what I’m enjoying right now. The challenge of discovering how to do new things and the buzz that you get when things go right.

OK, not everything goes to plan. but those that don’t, are things that you can learn from anyway.

When I retired from a paid job, just less than 6 months I did not expect to be sitting around watching the grass grow in the backyard. There were lots of things that I wanted to do, and there there still are.

Right now I am being thoroughly engaged, with a couple of friends, in building and getting a new marketing strategy up and running. And that involves a whole lot of new things to learn and to do.

That list includes:

  • Website design, including things such as CSS. (php comes later, when things settle down a bit).
  • Building and testing components of the new platform. (Mainly testing for me).
  • Brainstorming things like slogans, advertising content. (That’s where years of butcher paper and felt pens at meetings and conferences in my former working life come in handy).
  • Writing articles and Press Releases. ( Didn’t have to do them before).
  • And the list will no doubt build as the tasks change.
    • managing support could be a big role for the future.

TeamPromote Marketing Platform
So there’s lots to do and even better, there’s lots to learn.

So never let it be said that you are Too Old To Learn Something New.

Oh what is the project? Just click the Logo to the right.

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  • Philippe Moisan said,

    Hello Nev,

    I hope you don’t count me as old in the Team Promote project. LOL

    Compared to Wincer, I am not that young, though. I think he is in his 30s.

    How lucky we are that he wants to work with us on such an awesome project. I am learning so many things every day from Wincer’s experience. No wonder APSense has such an incredible Alexa ranking. And this guy trusts us 100 %. How more wonderful could that be ?


  • Malok Mading said,

    A salt is put into the food because it is trusted and worthy of that need “taste” and that is why giving you a chance to exercise your ability.
    It is great my friends that you are doing well in this new era where mankind has loss total trust in each other.
    Otherwise, I high recommend the great job Nev has been doing.