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@mpesce Mark Pesce: Inventor, writer, educator and broadcaster from Australia

Age: Apple Deal for Teachers is Rotten –… #education2.0 #sigh
MOST professionals would be scandalised if they were told they had to fork out for their own work computer. But not only are Victorian teachers forced to lease their laptops from the Education Department, they have also been twitter Inspirationtold if they want a Mac they have to choose a model that was killed off by Apple last month.

It seems that things don’t change in a slow moving system like an Education Department. Teachers had to buy their own computers for use in their work back a few years ago. I thought things had changed because when I was filling in for absent teachers in the past 2 years, I often could not use the Interactive Whiteboards installed  in the classrooms because the teacher had taken the laptop home or into the staffroom. I assumed that the teacher had been supplied with the computer. Perhaps not!
@problogger Darren Rowse: I blog about twitter and tweet about blogging. Sometimes I blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter.

The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog
Today we’re launching a brand new ProBlogger Resource – something we’ve been working on for many months now – The Blogger’s Guide to Online Marketing – 31 Steps to a Profitable Blog.It is a Kit that is all about helping you create an income that sustains your blog.

Created by the Web Marketing Ninja – a guy who has helped me with my own blogging business – it is his own blueprint for online profitability and it will give you an insight into the way that I now make money from my blogs.

Darren has been blogging for years and has a well respected blog, that is definitely worth visiting regularly. His posts are full of great hints and tips, and as I have mentioned earlier, an ideal blog on which to model your own.

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