A Growing ToDo List

Posted by Neville on August 25, 2011 under Blogging, News | 2 Comments to Read

Busy Times:

The past few weeks have been very busy, with lots of new tasks, roles and activities to do, while helping with the development of TeamPromote.

On Task

TeamPromote Marketing PlatformSkype chat has been extremely useful, and thankfully the time spent there is usually focused on the task at hand. Previously while working on another project a lot of time was wasted in irrelevant chat and off task discussions. By working intensively on this project it has become critically important to manage any files and documents that need to be shared. That includes making sure that they are stored in folders where they can be easily found and shared.

New Skills

New skills, such as writing Press Releases, articles, Text Ads and content for web pages have to learned, practiced and honed up to achieve the best results. It’s seems like a never ending round of testing and tweaking.


What makes it all worthwhile are the results of this collaboration. Some are more obvious than others but they are all important in building the exciting new an Innovative Marketing Platform, TeamPromote.

Now it’s time for you to experience the results of the collaboration. With significant input from Philippe and Wincer the  video to attract advertisers to TeamPromote is shown below.

Do you have something you would like to promote? Sit back, look and listen to this cooperatively produced video.

A Growing ToDo List

And while all of this is happening, there’s all of the usual things to do. Hence the growing ToDo list. Then there’s the offline jobs that never seem to go away. As I have indicated, an ever growing ToDo list. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since I retired, I don’t think Ive ever been so busy, but at least, the tasks to be done are of my choosing.

It looks like Time Management is a very important skill when working online.

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  • Philippe Moisan said,

    Hello Nev,

    Sometimes, I choose to copy good content from other places, indicating where I took it, of course. The best example is the emails I receive from the Brian Tracy’s newsletters. So many of those are inspiring, it could fill a few blogs every day. 🙂


  • Neville said,

    Thanks Philippe,

    I’m not complaining, in fact the experience is exciting and I’m enjoying that my days are filled with stimulating new skills to learn.

    Great work on the video, by the way.