CSS: Why Bother?

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Is It Worth The Effort?

I have spent considerable time and effort in the most recent posts to experiment with CSS in the posts.

So, now it’s time to think about if that time and effort provide any real benefits. I guess the result of such consideration will depend on different points of view. So let’s get to it!


A blog theme comes with its own style elements for things like Headline fonts, colors and size. If these don’t really suit, that means changing to a different theme where they might be just right. But that often means that some other elements are not suitable.

CSSĀ  can be used to modify the theme so that particular elements can be adjusted for best effect.


Unlike the most recent posts, where styling with CSS has been used in each one, unless there is a good reason it may be best to use such styling less often. Overuse might reduce the effectiveness.


There are many elements in a blog that can be adapted by using CSS styling. From the most obvious things such as manipulating font faces, color, size and position, to the use of boxes and shadows, to playing with images.


The examples in this blog have all been in posts. I have not been playing with other elements, such as headers and footers, so the emphasis has been on styling posts. This has been achieved by adding elements to the theme’s stylesheet. That brings up to the :-


The process has been to devise snippets of code to perform various actions. These are then added to the stylesheet to be called on from coding in the individual posts.

As with many things that can be done to add to the features on your blog, it’s a matter of whether the extra effort is worth the result. The great thing about CSS styling by using a stylesheet is that an element can be declared once, and is then available for use over and over again.

If you are looking for help with getting some of those snippets of code and learning how to add and use them, I have offered help as one of the Talents at APSense.

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