Using CSS3 Effects In A Blog

Posted by Neville on June 30, 2011 under Resources, Reviews | Comments are off for this article

Here’s a bit of Fun.

This post was originally best viewed in either Chrome Or Safari web browsers. It now works in Firefox! I am hoping to update the code in my theme to make the effect work in other browsers also.

I have edited the stylesheet in the theme by adding code to skew an image when the mouse hovers over it.

Yes that’s right, just hover your mouse over the images below.

Cascading Style Sheet

Train SpottingI am hoping to discover the commands for making these work in other browsers.

Stay tuned.

Can you see an application for this in your blog posts? Maybe you could scatter a few photos around the page and then they line up properly when you hover the mouse over them. The possibilities are exciting, if you like that sort of thing. The next trick will be to slide the images out from a pile, so that just one is displayed.

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