Social Media And Serial Post Pests

Posted by Neville on June 6, 2011 under Comments, Networks | 4 Comments to Read

What Are They Doing?

BrandingI’m sure that they think that they are branding themselves, but I just have to ask, is it the best way to do that?

I guess you might have seen them. You look at the News Feed or the Wall, and you can’t miss them. They comment on just about everything. They send links to just about everything. Their profile picture is splashed on the page in several places.

But are they really contributing anything of value?

Here’s a little edited example, with commentary.

The first comment after the article is from one of the moderators of site. Labelled Mod in this conversation.

Mod: A wonderful article for the newbies! You not only let them know what to do but why to do it. I hope they take a moment to learn from your wisdom [Name of Author]!

Followed up immediately  (well actually 8 minutes later) by another member, labelled Fol in this conversation.

Fol: I agree with [Mod]. I have nothing to add. I will top and share this one in my networks

So, if there is nothing to add… Why add a comment. Perhaps just to say that other networks are going get a blast.

Then 6 hours later:

Mod: [Author’s article title]  is also featured in [Social Network] eZine’s current issue.

That issue is published by Mod, and if I stretch the point a little it could seem like self-promotion in another member’s article, which is frowned on by the site.

Then 40 mins later:

Fol: Good idea. The article certainly deserves a spot.

Now what did that comment add to the discussion? Apart from giving Mod a little pat on the back, and pick a few brownie points from Mod.

When you consider that sort of tag-team commenting is happening quite frequently at that site it tells me that the people doing it are not really interested in real networking, but in boosting their own brand. And they are doing that while appearing to be making a contribution.

However a close look at the content of many of the comments would show that there is not much of those contributions that add value to the articles. 

What do you think? Am I being too picky? In the case of commenting in the Social Media is it true that Less is More, if you make less comments, but they are considered and thoughtful comments?

And what brand is the Serial Post Pest establishing?

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  • Philippe Moisan said,

    Hello Nev,

    I saw that article and those comments. It’s not like it’s the first time Mod and Fol act like with the rest of their gang. As you say, they do it constantly. As if they were sending PMs to each other and say: “Come here, praise me.” Oh well…

    As a good friend says, it’s part of networking, so ignore the negatives, let’s build our business. 🙂


  • Neville said,

    Wise advice from you friend Phil, so I’m going to take it and not post the latest collaboration between Mod and Fol.

    Back to the real business.

  • Paula van Dun said,

    Well if I see one picture a lot than it is yours Phillip and most of the time your comments do not ad value in my opinion. You are all over the place and comment on every comment. I even saw you advertising in the live feed for your clix thing.