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Different Ways Of Thinking About Blogs.

Social Media NetworksIf you join some Social Media or Social Networks you might find that they provide a facility for you to share your thoughts, your business opportunity links and your expriences in something that they call blogs.

Initially I had some problems coming to terms with this way of thinking about blogs and blogging, as I was constrained by the notion that a blog was something akin to an online Journal. To me this implied a theme or common thread to the content.

The blogs that you see at some of the Social Networks are more like individual articles that stand alone, and my be arranged into categories if the network provides that facility.

Since a lot of members of these networks have joined with the hope of attracting customers to the products or services that they are advertising, most of the “blogs” are little more than sales pitches. It is not a common thing to find a “blog” that is not aimed at selling something.

You will however find the occasional “blog” that expresses an opinion or states a point of view, and these are quite a welcome break from theĀ  large number of Sales Pitches. It’s no surprise that the submitter (who is not necessarily the author) is quite likely to be a much better marketer than those blasting the service with ads. These people have taken note of methods of branding themsleves and establishing authority and credibility.

2 Social Networks That Provide Blogs

The IBOToolbox (and IBOSocial) is at the time of writing a relatively new and rapidly growing Social Network. It features a Wall, similar to the Facebook Wall, where member activity is posted. Because of the almost frenetic activity at times, post can disappear within a matter of 2 or 3 minutes.

This site has been developed to take advantage of SEO to ensure members get their content seen. Members are encouraged to add 2 blogs per day to build the network of blogs where they are posted.

At APSense the Articles used to be called blogs, and they are a prominent feature of that site, with many of them attracting comments from other members. Activity is also posted to a Wall (or News Feed), but members only see the posts from their contacts. Other “blogs” or Articles from people who are not contacts can been found from the menu bar.

Check out the 2 sites to see a couple of ways that “blogs” are treated in these Social Media sites. Both sites are FREE to join and for you to share your content.

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