Building A Website: Using a CMS

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Seeking Out A Good Web Site Builder

Local Business WebsitesA few months ago Mark Hodgetts introduced me to the notion of providing a website building service for local business owners. It’s an idea that has been ticking away in the background now for some time. Just a few days ago I found a magazine article that compared several CMS (Content Management System), and that set me to checking one of them out.

What I have been looking for is a CMS that will provide me, and the potential business owner with the fiollowing:

  • A professional site, with the potential to be styled for each particular business.
  • A site that can cater for different purposes and types of business operations.
  • A CMS that is ideally suited to small, owner operated business.
  • A site that¬† can be easily updated by the owner on a regular basis.

All of those things can be done with WordPress and the use of various Themes and Plugins.

A CMS that has a choice of Themes that can be easily edited for each individual site and provides many features as standard that need to be added as plugins in other platforms then it should get to the top of the list for investigating.

Concrete5Concrete5 is shaping up to be just the CMS that I have been looking for. And because it is Open Source, and available as a download from cPanel of my host I am using it to build a website for a Garden Club that I belong to. This experience is valuable in helping get to understand how to set up a website  and then take that knowledge and experience on to starting to offer services for building websites to help small local businesses get themselves online.

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