Viral Words: Some additions to the list.

Posted by Neville on May 11, 2011 under Glossary | 2 Comments to Read

Some More Viral Words:

It’s some time since I added to the list of Marketing Words to keep an eye out for.

APSense ArticleToday I was reminded in an article by Mohann at Apsense: The Secret Of Nothing that I had not been adding such words to the Glossary. So here goes:


If somebody has a great new program and they are going to open it up to anyone who is willing to hand over some cash for it, it won’t beĀ  secret for very long. Chances are that by the time you get to see it the secret will be well and truly out. My guess is that if there ever was secret, the original holder of the secret has found that it’s not paying anymore, so the best way to make money on it is to sell it to unsuspecting and gullible potential prospects.


This is one that featured in some emails that I received from a couple of lists today. Why would you use Lazy as a selling point for a program? For more about that see the post at Traffic Exchange Project.

Easy: or EZ

This is one that features a lot as a selling point. I guess that it is similar to Lazy, unless the Easy is meant to imply not complicated. Usually if a program is called Easy (Something) it is probably so complicated that it’s hard to understand how it works and what you have to do. So steer clear of Easy (or EZ).

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  • Mohann said,

    Thank you, Neville for crediting ‘secret’ to me. Do I deserve such an honor?! Your addition of Easy or EZ to the glossary is apt. Regards.

  • Neville said,

    It’s a pleasure Mohann. Actually, the word secret has been a candidate for my glossary for some time. Your article so eloquently expressed the true meaning of secret.