The Changing Face Of Blogging

Posted by Neville on May 21, 2011 under Blogging | Read the First Comment

Re-Thinking What Makes A Blog:

When I first came upon the word  blog several years ago, I thought that the idea was not going to catch on. Was I wrong!

I wondered who would want to set up a diary or log and then put it on the web for all and sundry to see. Surely it would only be used by a small number of people who believed that they had a role to play in spreading news and opinion.

After several years of ignoring the uptake of blogging as a serious online activity, I returned to the idea about 18 months ago. I subscribed to a course by a well known blogger, and listened to podcast after podcast, and tried my hand at blogging.

What I had noticed was that the field of blogging was now being promoted as the next big way to make money online.

My interest in blogging flagged as I changed the focus of my career, and I spent less time online. Then about 6 months ago I returned to find that blogging was still being promoted heavily.

I did, however, notice a change in terminology and that the word blog was now being used to label the short articles that some of the Social Networks were offering for their members. And these articles (or blogs) were being published frequently, with many of them being little more than an advertisement for the latest and greatest new opportunity to hit the net. Links to these opportunities were being thrown around in the “blogs” in the hope that readers would take up the offers and affiliate fees paid to the publisher of the “blog.”

Many times the publisher is be the author, as they are often “swipe” files or PLR articles with links added.

Occasionally you will find an original article that includes an observation or opinion of the author, but each “blog” is  basically a stand-alone piece.

Here are 3 of the Social Networks that provide the opportunity to write  and publish these on-off “blogs”.You can click on the Site names to visit them to check out what they provide in the way of “blogs”.

  • APSense: Originally these were  called blogs, but are now called articles. In some places on the site the word blog is still used.
  • Kooiii: This site has undergone some changes recently, and now provides opportunity to publish “blogs”.
  • IBOToolbox: This site encourages the writing of “blogs” and publishes them in several places to attract readers.

I have also noted the rise of “auto-blogs” that simply republish articles that have already been published elsewhere, maybe syndicated from an RSS feed, or a PLR article that perhaps been modified a little.

There are lots of programs promising to make you rich, and some of these use blogging, and auto-posting as a tool for do that that. These often make the process sound easy, but often there are catches to them, and like many of these type of programs very few people make significant money, except for the promoters.

Defying The Trend:

In amongst this trend to throw any old content onto these blogs  it is becoming increasingly harder to find original and quality content in blogs.

AAA BloggingBut flying in the face of the current trends, here at dotrim Blog Services we will provide you with hints and tips for you to BUILD your own blogging empire. The emphasis will be on being Astute, Authentic and Authoritative in the development of your blog(s).

If you are looking for an easy, robot, or autopilot system it will be best to search elsewhere. Here you will actually get your hands dirty, and do things for yourself, with a little help from friends.

Stay tuned for announcements about the services to be provided, or visit TopTeam to contribute your ideas about what you would like to see provided by dotrim Blog Services.


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  • Daniel Lew said,

    You’re right there are becoming too many automated sites out there and not enough real valuable blogs with well written content, it’s getting harder and harder to find and your also right how bloggers are turning to the “make money online” niche again this is a highly competitive niche and one you must spend hours upon hours to keep ahead of the game in.

    Let’s hope with the latest Google farmer update they continue to weed out sites that are not of real value or re-hashed content.