Social DNA: Another Perspective

Posted by Neville on May 26, 2011 under Networks, Reviews | 8 Comments to Read

So What Is Social DNA?

It is a feature of the Social Media Search site Kooiii. I would like to thank Mildred, one of the admin team at Kooiii for her recent article which details what that very useful feature is.

Her article goes into detail to define Social DNA and to describe how it works. The current logo for the Kooiii site that uses what looks like DNA chain, with Social Media links in the chain, reinforces that connection between the words Social and DNA.

Kooiii Social DNAIn this post I would like to address a couple of aspects of Social DNA that perhaps need further clarification.

But first what is Social DNA?

  • It’s a neat little piece of software, or application that
    • Is provided at the Kooiii site
    • Allows you to select articles, posts, media that you add to Kooiii
    • And send links to other Social Networks
    • Thus saves you the time of individually sharing your content  on these sites.

Which means that this little app can save you lots of time in your efforts to brand yourself, and share your content.

Factors to consider:

Many will tell you that the Social Media sites you can share your content with have millions (billions?) of members, and you have the potential to share with this huge number of people.

The reality is, however, is likely to be much less than that potential.

Do You have Lots of Friends, Followers, Contacts, etc?

Unless I have got the wrong idea about these Social Media sites (which is possible, since I do not belong to all of them) your content shared by using the Social DNA app will only go to those with whom you have formally set up some connection. That is your friends on Facebook, your followers on Twitter, etc.

Unless you have these connections with ALL Facebook members, for example, you will not be sharing with everyone. Just your friends. This means that to effectively use Social DNA, you will have to build up a large group of connections in each Social Network. That will involve quite a bit of effort to establish, and maintain.

If you do have a large network in, let’s say Facebook, the chances are that your friends will also have large networks of friends. So anything you post will be included in their news feeds, along with lots of others competing for the space. If your friends do not regularly, and often, check their news feeds, then your content and links will drop off the front page, with the chances that it will never be seen.

How Often Do You Use Social DNA?

To counteract the potential for your content forwarded by Social DNA to drop off the news feeds you might be tempted to use it often, and for every bit of content you add at Kooiii.

This, in my opinion, can lead to potential readers being put off by the Ho-Hum factor, or even worse for those readers to brand you in their own mind as a nuisance by filling up their news feed with material that they are not likely to read. Some may even go so far as to equate what you forward as spam.

So Would You Use Social DNA?

Taking the issues raised above into consideration, the answer to that question is a definite YES.There are many positives that come from the use of the app, wisely.

If you have any thoughts then please add them as a comment to this post.

As mentioned earlier, I may have a skewed impression of the potential positives and pitfalls in using something like Social DNA to share your material and to promote and brand yourself. I do however believe that used wisely it is a useful app to have in the toolkit for the Internet Marketer using Social Media to build their business.

Add it to your toolkit by joining the growing team at Kooiii.

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  • Dave Gilbert said,

    Thanks Nev for a postive review of Social DNA, there is one point though where you raise the issue that social DNA only posts to those within your network on sites like facebook, however your post may also be re-shared by other members at kooiii and therefore shared across many such personal networks and included in those network feeds which exploded the reach of a single post expotentially so it’s very possible that your shared post could find itself spred to every one of the 500 million users at facebook alone plus do exactly the same on the other 11 social networks Social DNA publishes too

  • Michael Landau said,

    It seems to me that what makes Social DNA so powerful also makes it kind of dangerous. For example, if you post to a few sites yourself, and accidently include some the erroneous information, deleting the information is not that big of a problem, but if you post something by mistake with social DNA, it is like twitter magnified a million times. With Social DNA, there is no way to stop that from being rebroadcast over and over again. What if someone were to hack into your social DNA. It seems to me that they could do a lot of damage, and there would be way to stop it!

  • Michael Landau said,

    The other problem that I see with social DNA is that one would need to be very careful not to use it too much for the purposes of advertising. For example, my followers expect interesting and useful content from me not advertising for products and services. They might quickly get turned off, if I suddenly started blasting kitchen design advertising to all my Social networks. I certainly would not want to give them the impression that I have become a spammer!

  • Neville said,

    Thanks Michael. Your thoughtful comments are appreciated.

    Like many of the advances that we see in many walks of life, there can be quite significant downsides as well as the positives that come from them.

    It pays to keep things in perspective and consider ALL consequences before taking up any new advances.

    That’s why I only use the Social DNA app sparingly.

  • Philippe Moisan said,

    Hello Nev,

    I would say it’s an illusion to believe one post will reach zillions of users. Especially if it’s advertising. Everybody is bombarded with posts of all sorts, quotes, Charlie Sheen’s latest blunder, news from around the world. I prefer to focus on working hard and smart at writing good content and creating videos, instead of putting false hopes on the latest fad or buzzword.

    Michael, you bring very good points about having it turn against you, if I’m wrong and the post does reach many people.


  • Paula van Dun said,

    You can not post with Social DAN by mistake unless you have your settings set to “do not ask again” and automatically share all. By default the systems asks if you want to share something or not after you published some content.

    I assume people only share content of others if they like it and read it in case of an article or blog.

    So the danger is not the social DNA but how people use it.

  • Dave Gilbert said,

    Please allow me to clarify about Social DNA,

    1. Fact: Social DNA reshares your post across upto 12 social networks and allows users to connect with Kooiii using their logins from up to 52 networks.

    2. Fact: In order to share a post you have to click the publish button members are given a choice to share (publish) or not to share.

    3. Fact: Shared posts are posated to your wall or feed at the connected networks and can be re-shared on that network by people your connected to and again their connections etc etc so if the information in the post is worthwhile it is possible for it to reach almost every member on any particular network.

    4. Fact: Kooiii promotes the posting of worthwhile information and does not allow blatant advertising in posts, links etc are restricted to a single non affiliate link inside the post linking to corrobarative information and a single affiliate link in the signature line of the author thereby ensuring that the information in the post is of value.

    Social DNA used properly can reach millions of people from a single click of a mouse button, yes there is room for abuse but because Kooiii is carefully moderated and the members there encouraged and taught to post valuable information in their articles and blogs instead of advertising they find that social dna improves their reach and builds their connections creating worthwhile and powerful branding for the member posting and their business.

    There are NO Illusions and used properly Social DNA is a perfectly legal tool.

    As with any application there is room for abuse to occur however that reflects back on the member using Social DNA not on the network as a whole.

  • Andy Anderson said,

    Just a few quick notes.

    @Michael as to the danger Social DNA post an excerpt not the full article, so any corrections you make to the article will also be corrected on the other sites unless your miss information is in the header.

    Point two is Social DNA is syndication like any newspaper or Associated Press writer is privy too. If you need to print a retraction for misinformation you syndicate that as well and it reaches the same places with the update. A retraction is ALWAYS advised over censoring the offending piece because it corrects the bad information instead of hiding the mistake.

    @Philippe Social DNA had you read the TOS of the site is not to be used for SPAMMING our Advertising but to distribute content of value. As to your claims of how far the unlimited value of RSS and social syndication can reach run any web search and count the number of time any given article shows up across the web that has been syndicated.

    Article marketing, and online news media count on viral re-distribution to increase visitors and interest in their site. Social DNA is a tool that facilitates that and Kooiiii a system that dropkicks flamers, frauds, scams, and spammers to the other side of the net so we pretty well guarantee it wont be a abuse tool for blatant advertising.

    Andy Anderson