Social Traffic: One TE’s Approach

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A recent addition to the TrafficAdBar site has a series of changes to the way in which the surfer is given information about their surfing activities.

Taking Control Of Your Surfing

The top of the page has a bar with the following features:

TrafficAdBar Surf Bar
  • The number of sites to visit before your next bonus.
  • How many sites visited today
  • How many points accumulated today.
  • The number of hits to the sites you have listed.

The Surf Bar also has options for you to choose which page to view next. In the normal process of surfing there are 3 different sites to choose from. These are text ads, as submitted by the site owners and are displayed for you to select which one to visit. Depending on the ability (or honesty) of the person submitting the ad, you can perhaps get an idea of which one to choose to view. 

TrafficAdBar ProfileThe surf bar also displays a thumbnail of the submitter of the site currently being shown, and another option is to click the link to that person, which will then show the text ads for all sites submitted by that person. If you find one of their sites worth visiting you may also want to visit another.

The example shows the profile of a member, with links to 2 sites submitted by him.

Clicking the link on one of these ads will take you to that site. That vist will count as a hit and he will be able to see that you have visited his site.

The most recent hits to any of your sites are shown in a drop down from the Hits box on the right hand end of the surf bar.

The image to the right shows a recent record of hits to the sites that I have submitted to TrafficAdBar.

TrafficAdBar Hits

You can see that the date and time of the hits are shown, with a small thumbnail image of the visitor and the name of the site visited.

The thumbnail also acts as a link, so you can open up the profile of a visitor and then visit their sites, to register hits to them. That acts in the same way as described above.

If you visit other surfers after they visit your sites and they do the the same then you will be helping each other to build up the number of hits to each others sites.

But of course, there is no guarantee that they are going to visit your site just because you went to take a look at theirs.

It is however, by having a degree of choice as to which sites to view, making the surfing exerience a little more relevant, as you can bypass some sites that you have assessed from their text ads will not interest you.

The big question is just how many surfers will actually take the time to make that assessment and act upon it. I guess that a large proportion are just racking up points to help get hits to their sites.

TrafficAdBar Surf RankingsTo help encourage you to keep surfing the TrafficAdBar site also has a ranking of your position of the number of pages surfed during the current day. That is displayed at the bottom right hand corner of the page, and has a box that can open up to display your postion and that of several surfers just before and after your ranking.

Like the Hits drop down, this one shows a thumbnail of the other surfers, that you can also click to visit their profile.

This little addition is probably designed to keep you surfing a bit longer as you try to move up the rankings. Clever little trick.

Clicking the links of those people shown in the Top Surfer rankings will also take you to their profile, where you can choose sites to visit.

Once again, if you do that and others surfers also click your links you will benefit each other.

This does not go quite as far as some other Traffic Exchanges in encouraging Social Contact between members, but it is a possible beginning to heading in that direction. The more that fellow surfers can cooperate and help each other out the more beneficial that will be for everyone.

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