Should Have Taken My Own Advice

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Watch Out For Certain KeyWords!

Way back in the early days of this blog I warned about some keywords that Internet Marketers use to get you interested in their



Well I fell for one of those a couple of days ago, so now I’ll find out just how the ClickBank 60 day Money Back works.

There it was, standing out clear and easy to see: Autopilot. But I joined anyway!

I should also have taken more note of the pitch. There was a lot of claiming what the program was NOT.

  • It wasn’t an incomplete program.
  • It wasn’t a “Snake-oil” sales pitch.
  • It wasn’t a lot of things.

Previous experiences tell me that a program that sells itself by telling what it is not, is probably going to be very much like what it say it isn’t. Now that’s confusing. But I fell for it anyway.

So what sucked me in? The lure of making money from niche sites. I’m sure it can be done, but in this case the methods just do not sit comfortably with me.

The process in a nutshell was to research keywords to discover a niche in which to publish a site, monetized by adsense and Amazon products. Each site promised to make a small amount each day, and so you develop 50 or more sites, using the tools provided. Then with a little maintenance ( 2 hours a month?) the theory is that the system runs itself, and the money rolls in.

Once a niche is identified, the tools will help you select a domain name, set up a site and then get the site up in Google Search rankings. ie  in the first 5 sites on page 1.

The method for doing this is what I felt most uncomfortable with.

  • When the site is ready, you use the tools to find already published articles.
  • Choose one of these to add to a page. Edit it so  that is 40%-50% different, and claim it as your own.
  • Do that so you fool the Google algorithm into not treating it as duplicate copy.
  • There was no consideration as to whether there were any rights for you do that.
  • Add the monetization components.
  • Add links to the edited article and publish.
  • Build backlinks to the site.
  • Using the keyword the tools find comments based on that key word.
  • You select one and add a link to a product.
  • The tools then finds lots of blogs with that keyword and sends the comment to these blogs.

That last bit was the killer for me! Oh how I hate to deal with spam comments! And that’s just what these comments would be.

As soon as I got to that part of the training that’s where I  decided to pull the pin.

But not all is lost.

There were some useful tips in the SEO training at the beginning of the process, so now I’ve got a couple of tips to help with SEO at dotrim and at my other sites.

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  • Michael Landau said,

    I’m always tempted by offers like that, but I always decide at the last minute, that it must be a scam. I hate the fact that they always try to trick you by not including the important details on the Sales page. If you ever find one that actually works, please let me know. I would love to find an autopilot program that actually works.