Learning From Ants: Don’t Give Up

Posted by Neville on April 12, 2011 under Blogging | Comments are off for this article

A Message From The Garden.

You don’t have to read any further. The whole point of this post is in the title!

Ant LessonJust this morning I was in the garden with my camera to take photos of some new flowers in full bloom, when I spotted this little ant.

It was trying to drag a dead bee, several times its own size, across the ground. He kept at the task, first pulling, then pushing and then dragging the monster again.

So when you feel like that little ant, and your marketing appears to be going nowhere, just remember how he approached the job.

  • You’ve been surfing the Traffic Exchanges for points, your sites are listed in rotation, but they don’t seem to getting the hits you need.
  • Your blog or site feels like it’s going nowhere.
  • Where are those affiliate sales and referrals?

Stick with it. Try a different approach. Stop pulling for a while and push. Change direction.

You may only be a small part of a much bigger scene, but by persisting you will drag that monster back home, and then there will be a feast for all.

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