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Posted by Neville on April 9, 2011 under List, Traffic | Read the First Comment

Do All Of Your Sites Look The Same?

Or More Importantly, Do They Look The Same as Lots Of Others?

If you answered yes to both questions above, is that a problem?
As a relative newcomer to Traffic Exchanges I sometimes wonder if the effort of submitting sites and surfing to gain credits is reallyTraffic Exchange worthwhile.
I am starting to see some progress as I come to understand the process and the tools to use. It also strikes me that some ways of using these tools are more effective than others.
I found the recent webinar with John Guanzon (ThumbVu) and Sterling Valentine (ListLaser) to be time well spent, andI am looking forward to more webinars from these two in the future.
I appreciated the way in which they worked together to explain how ListLaser and ThumbVu complement each other.
There is, however a question that is niggling away in the back of my mind about how the Squeeze pages produced by ListLaser all look the same.

A Question That Begs To Be Answered.

And it wasn’t until the webinar had finished that I thought of the question. 
If surfers on ThumbVu (and other TE’s) start to see lots of Squeeze pages that all look very similar won’t that diminish the effectiveness of these sites? 
This is perhaps particularly relevant at ThumbVu where surfers get the choice of  which site to view next from 3 thumbnails presented to them. With all of the Squeeze pages produced a t ListLaser having the same format (ie all looking alike) there could be a tendency for surfers to bypass them thinking thaey have the site before.
I guess that the best way to deal with that would be make sure that any sites Iyou submit to be rotated through ThumbVu (and other TEs) have a variety of styles and that by split testing them you can see which is most effective. In other words, don’t just use the really easy way and only use the pages generated by ListLaser, but make sure that there are templates used for your submitted sites. 
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  • Neville said,

    A response from a TE owner has suggested that the repeated display of very similar squeeze pages is not really a problem.

    There are only a small number of these very similar looking pages on his TE, so they will not be seen so frequently that their effectiveness is lessened.

    He also pointed out that frequent display of these pages may actually encourage surfers to check them out since they see them relatively often. It is a form of branding.