WordPress: More Than Just Blogging

Posted by Neville on March 23, 2011 under Networks, Resources | Read the First Comment

Another way to use WordPress.

WordPress logoIn the past few days I have been exploring some ways to use WordPress, other than as a traditional blog.

My efforts have been concentrated on setting up WordPress as a base for a small membership site. I have been using the term nano Network to describe the type of site I have been developing.

After a quick search I could not find any other references to nano Networks other than to do with electronics and communications, so I have co-opted the term.

The first nano Network that I am building is planned to be a membership site where information about the process and benefits of establishing a nano Network are shared.

While still in its early stages you can visit the Dotrim nano Network by clicking the link. I am also working on another nano Network with a completely different focus, but more about that later.

Right now I should be working on the report that will be available from DnN (the Dotrim nano Network)  soon. That report will provide information on how to set up your own nano Network using WordPress.

My friend Mark Hodgetts has published a report that shows how he made $3k in 7 days, while using WordPress in some different ways. Grab a copy of the report and you too can explore the benefits of using WordPress.

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  • Anne Sales said,

    Hi Neville, I just saw your friend’s report. I’m so happy to know WordPress has got all. I’m going to explore WP a bit more.
    By the way, is your Nano Network also a WordPress site? I’m really curious.