Which Plugins are best?

Posted by Neville on March 26, 2011 under Blogging, Resources, Reviews | 2 Comments to Read

Which Plugin

Which Plugins Do You Use?

Of the hundreds of Plugins available to use on a WordPress blog, which are the best to use?

Plugins add features to a WordPress blog that can make it more user friendly, improve its rating in Search Engines and provide feedback to the blog owner, among a whole range of other uses.

I am interested in which Plugins other bloggers use, particularly those that are provided free.

Of course the high powered Plugins are probably going to cost some $$s but among the free Plugins there are bound to be some treasures.

To kick off the discussion, these are a couple of  the Plugins that I use on my blog.

  • Visitor Maps and Who’s Online: This serves at least  2 purposes.
    • It shows readers how many people are reading the blog, and you can click to see a map of where readers have come from. This is great to show that the blog has readers and has some authority.
    • The blog owner, in the dashboard can gather valuable information about how many people have visited, where they have come from, and if they came from a referral such as an APSense campaign or a Traffic Exchange for example. This is a useful way to check on which methods of traffic generation are working best.
  • Sharedaddy: Allows readers to easily share a blog post with services such as
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Email to a friend. etc.

Feel free to add your recommended Plugin and what it does, as a comment to this article

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  • Maria Pavel said,

    I also use Sharedaddy, it really comes in handy.
    I also use Tumblrize, maybe you’ll look into it.
    The Visitors one is ok as long as the blog is not new, cause i kept getting depressed on the low visitors number and i had to uninstall it before it drove me crazy 🙂

  • Neville said,

    Yes Maria,

    Some plugins, like the Vistors Map can be a bit discouraging when you don’t have many visitors. But when a blog has developed, that same information will help to show readers that other people are visiting, and thus build the reputation of the blog.