Using Meta Description and Keywords: Are They Useful

Posted by Neville on March 3, 2011 under Blogging, Reviews | 2 Comments to Read

Are Meta Tags for Description and Keywords useful  any more?

LinksAn owner of a dotrim blog recently asked me about plugins for adding Meta Tags for Description and Keywords to a blog. This question was asked presumably because it is believed that these would help with SEO and Search Engine rankings.

I went searching for an answer to the question, only to find out that Google no longer uses the Meta Tags such as Description and Keywords in their rankings algorithm. Presumably that is a result of so many websites being packed with keywords in the hope of better ranking, and this abuse has resulted in a change to the way in which Google and other Search Engines operate.

What Keywords do SEs use?

Keywords for a blog are now determined from the Title of a post, any headiline text and from features such as alt tags for images shown in the post. To optimize a post for the best ranking in search engines therefore means some careful selection of words and phrases in these components of that post.

There are many plugins that can help with the SEO of a blog and its posts, and most of these will involve you in some time consuming editing and reworking of your draft posts.

SEO plugin

Now comes a plugin that allows you to decide on your blog post’s title by assessing the search popularity and competition for the keywords that make up that title. By using the plugin you can optimize the title of the post by comparing with other similar keywords and phrases to give the best chance for your post to hit high rankings in search engines, and in as short a time as possible.

That plugin? Keyword Winner 2.0. It has just been released and I have been trying it out on a couple of blog posts, and hopefullywill be able to report my results soon.

Keyword Winner 2.0 has the potential to save you many hours if you spend time searching the current tools for the best keywords, as it works right in your WP blog dashboard when you begin writing a post. It can also be used to go back older posts and edit them to improve the SEO of these.

If you don’t worry about choosing the best keywords for you blog post and just write it without concerning yourself with the intricacies of SEO, Keyword Winner 2.0 will, with just a couple of minutes per post, be able to deliver post optimized for search engines. This will help get your pages displayed high up on the rankings, and more actively searching visitors to your blog.

Keyword Winner is ideally suited to bloggers who use high rankings to get the products and services they are promoting noticed and purchased. The multi-user option for the plugin will allow you to set it up for all of your niche sites.

Check Out Keyword Winner 2.0 Today.

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  • Anne @ Coupon Codes said,

    Thanks for the info, Neville.
    I look forward to reading your assesment of Keyword Winner. It sure helps when you use good tools in this competitive environment.

  • Neville said,

    I should have bought the multi-site version as I have to flip between sites when I want to use it on more than blog. I will post about results after giving it more of a trial run.