Time To Cancel A PayPal Subscription Or Two

Posted by Neville on March 12, 2011 under How To | Comments are off for this article

Cancel PayPal Subscription: Reminder to me!

After my recent little road test of Traffic Exchanges I found that some TEs were definitely not worth the effort to surf them, and definitely not worth putting any my money into them as either payments for credits or as subscriptions.

Cancel PayPalIt’s not really obvious how to cancel those subscriptions, so here is how to do that in PayPal.

  • Login to PayPal.
  • Locate and click the Profile link in the My Account Tab.
  • Select My Pre-Approved Payments from the drop down menu.
  • From the list of Merchants that you subscribed to click the link of the one to cancel.
  • At the bottom of the page, locate and click the cancel subcription button.
  • Done! Now doesn’t that feel better.

Cancel Subscription


Cancelling a subscription paid by credit card is a little trickier, which is why I am reluctant to subscribe to anything that only accepts Credit Card payments.

Another reason for my reluctance to subscribe if PayPal is not offered is because I wonder why this particular merchant is not offering it. Is it because in the past they have had problems with PayPal’s terms and conditions? If so, then I am reluctant to use that merchant as there may be a shady part to the way they do business. Maybe I’m being a bit oversensitive there.

But at least now I’ve cleared away a few ongoing payments, before they were due for renewal. And I do feel better!

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